Day 21 ……yet again, words fail me

If I could articulate the events of the last 48 hours, it would take five or six posts to get it all down! Wow! I’m at a loss for words! Completely without the capacity to properly express my amazement at the wonders of human capacity!  Ill do my best though to run it down for you all!

First Cece Winans was simply amazing! (Lol! Gotcha! Yup u thought I was …..but YOU’RE WRONG!! So you can stop reading now!) She was stunningly gorgeous, amazingly anointed and a genuinely awesome individual. Down to earth for someone who’s won so many Grammys, dove awards, magazine cover model and the list goes on and on. I wanted to strangle the sound tech though. After a 3 minute introduction of the headline, this guy didn’t even have her mic turned on!!!! She came out singing with no sound!!!! Ugh!!!! The light tech was playing with lighting during the show….wanted to string him up too! No worries, the artists were phenomenal!  Cece sang “alabaster box” and took us “in”!   We went there!!!

Antonio Hall,  a 13 yr old young man won the radio contest to open for Cece and did an amazing job. I gotta say the background vocals stole the show! They were the most professional and polished 4,5 & 12 I ever did see! (To be cont.)

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