A day to curl up and feel pt 2

“Red”…..just not sure what to make out of her….pretty much deciding to leave it all alone. Just think I’m going to work on my relationship with my 2yr old Princess.
Craziest thing ever, Bartender contacts me out of the blue today thru text. “I miss you and I need to be honest with u”.  Uh oh. That never bodes well. Turns out I have apparently now have three women in my past that would have married me in a heartbeat if I would’ve asked. Wow, talk about picking the wrong one! The one I finally did ask dropped me like a bad habit. All the while, “Red” said two days ago if I had just let her in emotionally she wanted desperately to be my wife. Bartender, same deal. She admitted to agreeing to being friends only hoping that one day she could win me. She said she wants a future with me and she just can’t move past that desire. And ATL has patiently waited years…actually decades…for me. Never asked or thought of asking any of them. No, not me….I don’t do the smart thing….I go find the one person who can’t commit to me (not her fault she’s emotionally unavailable to me that’s all) and fall in love with her. IDIOT! (Napoleon Dynamite)

But then I end up back at my post two days ago. Do I really want to be responsible for choosing someone who knows they were not my first choice? And if my first choice could’ve said yes, they wouldn’t have that shot? Is it fair? Isn’t that selfish? Who knows?
What do you guys think? Fortunately, for me, I don’t have to choose anything at all. Bartender, Jill Scott, ATL, Tomboy can all wait..(Red, isn’t waiting…she just ignores me) . I don’t have to choose anyone at all ever. Until Mrs. Happily Ever After comes along. And she’ll be perfect. Perfect for me. Off to work…

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