Day 139….really, I counted!

I’ve kind of leveled out. Nothings changed. Still working a dead end low wage 3rd shift job. No news on the transportation front. “Red” is still confusing as ever. Tomboy won’t back off, ATL is getting the point, Bartender won’t just go away and Jill Scott just keep making enough conversation to be comfortable. And none of them is close to being Mrs. Happily Ever After. Dad is still playing the waiting game….and I’m at the place where I don’t really care if anything ever changes. Not a priority anymore. Just gonna cruise through life and what will be will be. What won’t be…won’t. Not gonna stress over it anymore or let it take up space in my head. Just gonna focus on being a good dad to princess. That’s it. That’s all….I don’t need much more..2 cont.

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