Day 165- UHmmmm…..but for how long?


I saw this for the 40th time (it seems) online yesterday and i couldnt resist the urge to dispell yet another misconscrued notion about marriage. It pains me to see that this is such a readily accepted notion in todays society yet we are so confused about why our marriages dont last. The absurdity of this notion astounds me.

Ill make this short and sweet. Bands don’t make her dance. Perpectuating such a fares is ridiculous. Women have their own jobs and careers. If bands is what they wanted, they could buy their own! So you say its what the bands represent…..marriage. ok. Well if they just wanted to get married, why ate there so many divorces? 4 out of every 6 marriages end in divorce. So that can’t be true either! What will make her dance is receiving bands from a MAN. Someone who loves her unconditionally. Someone who accepts her and all her faults. Someone who makes her feel like the beautiful woman in the world. Someone who will be honest with her and admit when they aren’t. Someone who will sacrifice any and everything for her happiness. Someone who will do whatever is necessary to provide for her financially, spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally. Commitment is what will make her dance. Not committed to a day…bc that’s all a wedding is……just a day. But committed to the marriage and its survival. That will make her dance.
So please ppl…stop perpetuating the myth the all a man has to do is propose and its all good. That’s a lie. Don’t believe me. Ask any woman that married to a cheater, abuser, lazy or trifling man…….guarranteed she will make it crystal clear. Because this ideal is giving permission for those types of men to spend a few dollars and continue being the horrible husbands they’ve become. Lets be a little more responsible ppl.


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