Day 184 – “the American Dream/Lie”


Today’s installment will be short, concise and to the point. Simply bc I want my readers to “let it marinate”.
We strive all our lives for a stress free, worry free life. We eliminate stresses at our on discretion; eliminating people from our lives bc the relationship no longer serves our needs; changing jobs bc we aren’t happy; leaving spouses bc they are causing us more stress and unhappiness than joy…..I pose these observations for your pondering:
A seed must die before it grows into a mighty oak
A pearl is only created by a constantly irritated oyster
A diamond is created only from immense pressure
An Olympic gold medal winner is only possible with many years of painful training with no immediate payoff
Without winter, there would be no spring
The pain of nine months of pregnancy and hours of labor brings the joy of new life…

So why do we spend so much time and energy avoiding the difficult people, places and situations in life when everything in leads us to believe that pain and sacrifice comes before growth. How can we expect to ever have the best in life when we desperately strive to avoid paying the price? We want the “perfect relationship” but don’t want to stick it out when our mates don’t “do their part”. When we don’t feel the love, or “its not supposed to be this hard”….really? You want the most amazing life, but don’t want any trials, any stress, any difficulties….an amazing marriage but you don’t want to go through anything… amazing house but you don’t want to sacrifice the yearly vacations, the new car, eating out…..u want the awesome job but can’t sacrifice your social life for late night college classes…..just saying, if ur marriage is difficult maybe….just maybe….your should stop whining about how hard it is and start cherishing the fact that the size of your struggle denotes the strength and “amazingness” of your future.
Let it marinate, folks.

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