Day 200 – a thank you note to the ex


Thank you.
For forcing me to face myself and my lies
Its made me a man of integrity and honesty
For making me open my heart to loving harder and deeper than I knew I ever could
For many will never know what it is to love unconditionally
For the many afternoons spent on the beach
you created a beach bum
For the many bouts of uncontrollable giggles and silliness
I learned not to take myself too seriously
For the kisses the made the world stop spinning
I know now how a real kiss feels
The intimate afternoons and days spent in each others arms
For  I now know what true intimacy and a real connection on a emotional, spiritual, mental and physical all at the same time feels like.
For the joy and euphoria of waking up being certain that I was one day closer to spending every day of the rest of my life with the love of my life.
For some ppl never know that type of joy
Thank you for loving me for just long enough for me to let God to take back the reins of my life…..
I’ve never been happier
Thank you for the smile that crosses
my face with every Colbie calliet song
Every sunrise at the beach
Every sunset
every trip to the pita place
Every gerber daisy
Every bag of puppy chow
Every box of animal crackers
Jesus culture concert I attend
Everytime I hear “how great is our God”
Every time I choose between coffee mate and international delight creamer
With every pair of flip flops I purchase
And every pair of leggings I notice …..
Thank u for a lifetime of future smiles and the joy, love and beauty I shared with u for the brief moments we shared…
I’ve never loved ….truly loved before u
And ill never love that completely ever again….
Thank u for giving me the opportunity to know what it feels like to love with my whole heart… was magical.

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