Day 216- the musings of a bigger man

Ive toyed with the idea of whether or not to expend blog space and my readers precious time with any acknowledgment of the buzzing about of a certain individuals, who I have in past times referred to as friends. I must pause to state that I am not referring to my ex fiancee, Melissa Plas, Beth or my ex’s mother. THIS POST IS IN NO WAY IMPLYING OR INFERRING THAT THEY HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE ACTIONS I CONFRONT IN THIS POST. (not yelling, just want to ensure the disclosure is read, seen and understood) Despite the best efforts by some to perpetuate disparaging fallacies about my life, Ive decided to react in the grace and kindeness that God has afforded me. To extend mercy and forgiveness, well not necessarily forgiveness because nothing has been done to merit forgiveness…for I havent been offended. But in the light of me coming to the knowledge of the anonymous texts that apparently have been being sent to a wide variety of ppl for months now…i am truly sorry if I have done anything to offend you in any way. I was unaware that my decision to no longer be acquaintances with you and your family would affect you so profoundly.  To be honest, I didnt think we were close enough friends for it to matter. For that I apologize. I wish you love, peace and all the joy your heart can hold…for you and your family. May life bring you its best and may you live long enough to enjoy it all.
Now, today was an interesting day. Ive managed to almost get through a week and havent seen her at all. Im starting to think I was worried for nothing. Those in my circle told me not to worry about it…chances were slim we would run into each other….but the close proximity kept me up all monday night. I almost seriously panicked when I thought they were changing our bank to hers. Fortunately, the bank killed that notion all on their own. THANK YOU GOD!!! Im loving the new enviroment and meeting new people. My uncertainty about this move has been quieted within. Im honestly at peace. …with my direction and my life. Dad is doing amazing things in my life and im being blown away daily. Its amazing how incredible life becomes once you start appreciating the power of grace and gratitude.
Awesome news today, got an update this evening about the development of the app. Itll be ready for testing in a few months. Now that I have user interface developers with ndas signed, the marketing contacts went and started feeling out Apple’s interest in the app conceptually. 12 pitches at 12 meetings and all 12 want to buy an app not even tested yet! Had the concept described and forecasted as a 50 to 100 million dollar acquisition when sold! I am so tremendously blessed. Everyone that is working on the app in developement is working for a portion of the proceeds of its eventual sale. God has blessed me with an entire development team with no funds out of my pocket! Hes amazing! Im so excited! Looks like I will be breaking ground on the first of several retirement homes for missionaries sooner than I anticipated! Dreams do come true!
Had a blast speaking to the young people at a local elementary school this morning. Its one my favorite parts of my ministry. I love when they have me to speak to the youth. I love their exuberance and energy during praise and worship. They are so attentive during the sermon. Nothing like a 5 year old telling u that they remember your last sermon and that it stuck with them. If you arent changing lives with yours….you are wasting oxygen. Cant wait to see what Dad has in store next!

PS. Dad, however you choose to bless me and make the life you grant me amazing…do twice as much for the love of my life…my greatest wish is to see her dreams come true…



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