The freedom of honesty in the pulpit

For 40 years, T. C. “Tom” Ryan struggled in the wilderness of sexual addiction. As the founding pastor of a large church, he hid his secret from everyone, including his wife. Now a recovering sex addict, Tom shares his story in order to bring hope and healing to those who struggle with sexual brokenness.

“It’s very difficult and intimidating to share my story,” says Tom in Sunday’s reading. “But I offer it to help others who are dying in similar wildernesses. … I’m sharing my story—and the thoughts I have because of it—to encourage those who are facing huge personal challenges and are losing hope.”

These readings are taken from Tom’s book Ashamed No More: A Pastor’s Journey through Sex Addiction, and they’re for anyone who struggles with lust, porn, or sexual temptation. Tom also has encouraging words for anyone who struggles with past regrets—who believe God will never forgive them for what they’ve done. And there are some insights for those of us who tend to judge others too quickly, forgetting or ignoring the logs protruding from our own eyes. In other words, there’s something for any man willing to take an honest look into his heart.
Honesty….transparency. ….accountability. …commitment to action…..equal transformation.
Im just saying…


4 thoughts on “The freedom of honesty in the pulpit

    1. No I do not have a sexual addiction. This point of this post is to share an awesome resource that ive come across with my readers who r suffering from a sexual addiction. This book is phenomenal and it shares the awesome power of forgiveness, restoration, & grace when transparency and honesty comes from those in leadership. Just another example of how none of us are even close to being perfect and condemnation and judgement have no place in christianity today.

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