Would i Be Wrong?

couldnt have said it any better…..word for word….thank you.

if only life was as easy as programming.

hehe, well, programming is not easy at all, but at least you get a list of your errors, neatly piled up. a guide to help you make things better. something to help fix the errors?

i’ve been looking back to see where i am headed. seems i can move forward without looking back but i enjoy trips down memory lane, i enjoy reading those letters i got in 2011, they remind me that things can get so much better, or so much worse, depending on how i take things. they remind me that people don’t always stay, that their opinions about you change when you learn something new.

when you learn that loving isn’t always a mutual feeling. some people, just say they do as long as you make them feel good. as long as they  are wanted, and needed and you…

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