Transparently & unapologetically on cloud 9

Okay, okay, okay……its about time. Ive been emailed all month about a “Geralds life” update. I honestly never meant this blog to take such a preachy or “life lesson #35” tone….I always just wanted to share my journey of healing.
In sharing that journey, I tried to just talk about everyday life….well heres a rambling update.
    Im up to my ears in unbelievable moments of divine intervention. Okay, laymens terms… is AMAZING!!! Just completed my first 4k mud run! It was utterly amazing…exhausting but one of the greatest experiences of my life. Made great friends….opportunities for ministry and im doing it again!

Finally have the skeleton business plan for the foundation in stone. Ive been besieged by grants and funding from everyone ive approached. The foundation “Heels for Hurts” has taken on a life of its own. I have 13 events already in the beginning stages of planning for next year from CA to Miami. Talking to upstart designers for fashion shows and auctions to create black tie events that generate publicity for struggling female designers in apparel and shoes; at the same time raise funds and awareness to re-educate impoverished single mothers; get them back into school;  pay for adquate childcare while working or during classes; teach business acumen and dress. Providing business attire and heels…staff counselors to address the emotional healing that needs to take place for women to see their value and worth. To birth the confidence needed to create the change they desire. And to give them the heels fit for a queen to walk into their new lives with. Its just so exciting!

Ive reconnected in a way with my two oldest daughters that has been missing for years now and I cant tell you how I am beside myself. Thank you Ron (my brother) you started this buddy. You and Jason. Overwhelming gratefulness is the emotion for the day. DAD is doing such amazing things in my life and those around me!

Okay im rambling but: 2 offers from book publishers for books I havent even finished! The person im not supposed to mention is seeing Dad move like crazy in their lives! (Sorry cant be any more specific) A long time friend Hazel is moving into minstry with young women….my church is at a level of worship that hasnt allowed any sort of program to be followed and the altar is filled with BELIEVERS….not the unsaved but Believers that have been in the church for years!!! Pretense all gone! Masks of self righetousness destroyed! And the place is filled with a yearning a cry for the REAL DEAL!!!

Yesterday was my birthday and I was given the best gift of all….started my day by leading someone to Dad’s arms of forgiveness….and ended it with my daughters telling me that they loved me….


PS….theres more news to come…BIG NEWS…..buuutttt, ur gonna have to wait….lol


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