Ok, here’s my take BEFORE the verdict comes in

Ok folks. Ive been biding my time and being prayful that someone would say what needs to said about this Martin/Zimmerman case….I haven’t heard it yet. I want to clear the air before the verdict comes in. I dont want my opinion to be confused with the emotion of the verdict. Because (you all knew it was coming) the verdict IS NOT THE MOST IMPORTANT OUTCOME OF THIS CASE.

Yeah, you read it correctly. “How could you say such a thing?” “Doesnt the Martin family deserve justice?” “Doesnt the black teenagers of this country deserve to walk with skittles at 2am in peace?” Or depending on your view, “Doesnt the George Zimmermans of this country deserve to shoot an assailant that they feel is threatening them?” Well…as usual, im going to piss off a few ppl….so here goes: (and trust me im not going to leave anybody out)

Lets start with the outraged, picketing, facebook protesters. Yeah…all of us who have changed our fb profile pic….wearing a hoodie in support….attending community events and prayer vigils….yup all of THOSE ppl. Newsflash, all the fb profile pic changes…prayer vigils, community bar-b-ques, basketball tournaments,  afterschool programs, sermons from the pulpit, cries on tv for justice, al sharpton and jessie jackson interviews on tavis smiley….WONT CHANGE ONE SOLITARY THING. (This is where I piss ppl off) This sham of a trial didnt happen because of George Zimmerman or the justice system….this happened because of the apathy of our own race. WE AS BLACK PPL CAUSED THIS…

Crap set aside, security doesnt follow a young black guy around the mall because of hate or bigotry….racial profiling doesnt exist because there are so many racists in the world….it exists because there are still predominately black neighborhoods that black ppl wont even drive through. Fact is we DO steal from stores! In alarming numbers! I worked as a loss prevention officer for Shoe Carnival in my twenties…I could count the number of caucasians I arrested for shoplifting on two hands over a 4 year career. But the black and hispanic arrests wouldnt fit into the largest 3 ring binder! Fact is we deal the most drugs on the street, commit the most petty robberies, the most car jackings….Its not the MAN! We do it to ourselves!
We men bail on our sons and daughters and then picket when they are shot for walking the streets at 2am! Sorry if this steps on toes but thats ridiculous! Our kids are killing each other and then we are up in arms when someone shoots one of our kids because they dont want to be caught in the crossfire!
So instead of pointless vigils, putting on a hoodie in the middle of summer….heres a thought: put down your signs, shut off fb, stop complaining about a corrupt system and spend that energy WITH YOUR KIDS AND IN THEIR FACES AT 2AM….if this had been the case, Mr. Martin wouldnt even have been in the street at that time of the morning. SOMEBODY would have told him that its not safe for a black teen to be in the street at that time of night!
Now just to clarify, the fb pic changes and the hoodies are great for making you that are participating in such pointless and completely ineffective gestures, FEEL better….because let it be known….this issue will continue to prevail because we as a race are too lazy to take responsibility for the societal issues our behaviour has created but prefer to be relationally lazy with our kids and blame everyone else for our economic and parental poverty. In short….BLACK PEOPLE….GROW UP OR SHUT UP….

I am a proud father, a preacher, businessman and a black dad in america…and I APPROVE THIS MESSAGE…

…..to be continued in Part 2


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