Tiny Healing Hands…..

Dad has been amazing….too amazing to keep up….I am loving my life! Sorry I havent been writing as much as I usually do….so busy living an amazing life!
Spent yesterday at the beach with my perfect princess.


With the hurricane amazing event after event…preparation for next weeks meetings and introductions….it was so awesome to just stop…and be a kid with my kid for a day. She is so amazing and funny. She is so mature and says adult things that make you forget shes only 3yrs old!
    It may sound a trifle ordinary but life doesnt get any better than this:

Mommy: Ava, what would you like to do today?
Ava: Go get Daddy and go to the beach! By the way, mommy, im not going to potty in my bathing suit today.

What?! Lol. Heres the funny part….she was dead serious…a 3yr in Lake Michigan that insisted on getting OUT of the lake to walk 500 feet back to the bathroom near the parking to potty! Playing in the sand and refused to go number 1 in her bathing suit! It maybe wrong but theres nothing funnier than a 3 yr old doing the peepee dance on the beach…talking about an oxymoron!

She ran out of the dug out personal pool we made for her on the beach, up to me almost crying and I bent down saying, “whats wrong Ava?! Tell Daddy whats wrong?” Fearing she got something in her eye or she saw a fish or hurt herself….partly bc she was shaking her hands by her sides, shuffling from foot to foot…..
She looks up and says through eyes tearing up, “Daddy, ive got dirt on my hands and legs and I cant get it off!!”
    Im just saying…hilarious!
It those moments that melt my heart…
The “daddy” calls from the sand castle or the proud look as she flies her first kite….with the book deals….the potential tour offers….the new albums coming….and the emails pouring in….this…these moments:


Superman ice cream on a summer day is the best of everything…..just to think……I almost missed out on all of this…almost gave all of this awesomeness away to someone ashamed to claim me…….now tiny legs run up to total strangers proclaiming,  “This is MY daddy!”; my family proud to say this is my brother, grandson, nephew, uncle, son, friend, mentor, leader & love of my life………..my life is full and amazing, my God is beyond incredible, my heart is finally able to beat again….due to the discovery of real honest true unconditional love and the tiny healing hands of a princess with a Barbie princess kite….



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