Junkies among us…..that we have created.


Ive often wanted to pose this question because I have recently been in a myriad of discussions about the state of our country,  our state, our race and the organizational religions/churches.
The issue was brought up of how many professing “christians” are still participating in the big five major church sins: drinking, smoking, sex (outside of marriage; adultery; etc.), drugs and homosexuality. I know its not popular go say this because it shouldn’t be like this…but truth is….we talk the talk that all sin is sin but most of our churches operate completely differently.
We know these are the sins that get you relieved from active duty and church offices.  You cant be in leadership if you are struggling with one of these.
You can be a liar.  As long as its only about taxes, on the phone to bill collectors, your boss when you’re taking sick days when youre not sick, why you didnt come to church……things like that are okay. Oh you can gossip. Talk about who is sinning to the pastor and leadership. You can steal credit from others. Thief, cheat, defamer….just not the major five. SMH…
     Heres the skinny. Lets just take one the major five.  Drugs. Typical storyline. Man is hooked on crack. Comes to Christ. Gives his/her heart to Christ. Gets delivered and is no longer a crack addict. Experiences an amazing transformation. Restoration of health. We plug them into a sunday school class. Oh then we find out that they like to sing and plug them into a choir. They are there for the youth car wash. Vacation bible school. We praise their dedication. Celebrate the change in their lives which is evident because they are at EVERY church service and event held at the church. They support everything even if its 6 days a week. Then times get tough. They hit a spiritual wall. Bills stack up. McDonald’s paychecks arent cutting it anymore and the ppl willing to help are dwindling. …so what do we do? We tell them that they have to “praise” their way through. If they run enough laps around the church….scream and holler enough….then God will hear them and make it all better. (Thats not what we say really…we make it sound all deep and sanctified…”when the praises go up…the blessings come down. …God inhabits the praises of His ppl….etc.etc.) So NOW what they do is they come to church everytime the church doors open in hopes that if they can get “emotionally high” enough that they can forget about how miserable their new life has become. 

Are you still with me?  Are you following how the church takes a crack addict, never addresses or even mentions help for the addictive behavior but simply changes the drug of choice to “church” and emotionalism? Now they are addicted to church services. But here the kicker…..some christians actually believe this kind of retarded unbalanced life is healthy and God ordained! 

Any pastor who praises a member for being at every service is short sighted and doesnt care about the total health of his member. NO MEMBER SHOULD BE AT EVERY SERVICE!  A properly functioning church should have so many different and uniquely varied worship opportunites that they should not appeal to everyone. Therefore no one should be at church all the time at every service.
It creates emotional junkies. That have no hope but live on hype.

There should be a latin service. Urban service. Emo service. (Im serious) traditional service. Bible study for each. Small group ministry for each. No one going to traditional is going to the emo service. But thats what we teach. Do ya know why? Because we are so self righteous to believe if it aint Jesus Culture or Steven Curtis Chapman its sinful. Or on the other side….if its not Karen Clark Sheard…Donnie McClurkin…or blah blah blah…then its sinful. We all gotta speak in tongue the same….praise God the same….shout the same…..sing the same songs….or you aint right.

We claim a need for diversity but force everyone who joins our church into our little narrow box weve put God in. And praise the crack addict who now is addicted to the hype and hoopla  of sunday morning…..but without any true help for monday night….uh oh…non church night!




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