When it all makes sense….

Just wanting to share some random thoughts today…
Its been a busy month so far. Most of all the amazing healing that I experienced last week.
A month ago, someone extremely close to me was diagnosed with Acute Myloid Leukemia. They have been in remission since 2007 and upon experiencing some unexplained illnesses recently, the doctors discovered that the cancer had returned. So started the treatment process of planning chemo and homeopathic remedies. I was honestly devastated.  We had just gotten through the worst periods of our lives and were anticipating the amazing lives ahead of us…..not this. Not now. But determined and committed. ..I vowed to walk through this with them…no matter what. The first battle with this, they walked through alone bc I was wrapped up in my own life and issues. I wasnt going to let that happen again.
   Its amazing how much you value those close to you when the scales are pulled from your eyes and you see who’s truly in your corner and who never was. “Truth in advertising” takes on a whole new meaning!

  Nevertheless,  we committed to believing for healing…..complete healing….and quickly. And an amazing thing happened….I felt such an indescribable certainty about the healing.  I mean, any worry or discontentment evaporated. From me and from them. In fact, we no longer discussed it. We treated the healing as past news. It wasnt intentional. It just felt…..well….finished.

  Then came the biopsy and doctor visit last monday. We thanked God for what He had already done and went about our business. Spoke no more about it. Then friday came with a strange phone call. I recieved the text that the lab and dr called wanting them to come to the hospital immediately.  I said go and make sure they give you a printout of the miracle results.  “But they didnt say the results were back or thats the reason I need to go!” I replied, “just go”

   Well folks, you know where this is going…..4 weeks later….they cant find any sign of ANY cancer anywhere. Not only that but the cholesterol levels are normal again…..the hemogoblin levels are normal again….I didnt say the cancer went back into remission lije in 07….no sir…no maam…..theres absolutely NO TRACE of it!

Now for those who have followed my story of healing and recovery understand how huge this is to me.
I have struggled with faith in Dads plan for me. The last year and a half has been so incredibly painful and left me so deeply wounded…that it was virtually impossible for me to believe that much hurt and pain was all in the plan for my life. But as my unmentionable family member told me so many times…it will all make sense in time!
   And now…it does. Never thought I could or would be able to saythis but that which I thought was the love of my life actually was the most amazing lesson of my life….what I thought was forever was for my growth…..what I thought I was building was actually for my brokenness. …and the months of pain were all meant for this moment of miracle….the hurt for this incredible healing. For if I didnt experience the amazing way Dad has healed my once shattered heart and existence….I couldnt have had the faith that he could a cancer without treatment…..Oh how magnificent is His ways.


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