Be careful about who and what you expose to the public

Interesting experience today….I shared with a group more information than I shouldve…..I was warned not to share to much info bc of the public profile of someone close to me…Ironically, when I did exactly what I was warned not to……..exactly what I was told would happen did. Oh well. Ive grown past the point of valueing others opinions in my world. There was a real need to vindicate myself…..but I was calmed down by my voice of reason….by this staement alone: “why does the opinion of people you dont even know matter?”
“Why do they even need to know you were being truthful? Will your life be affected in any way if they do? Do you really need to be accepted by ppl that add nothing of value to your life? They simply provide entertainment? ”
    I had to step back and assess the association and its value. And do you know what? That was absolutely correct. There was no need to respond to the assertions or accusations.  No need to “straighten it out”. These people simply did not matter enough to warrent the effort. It happened to be so liberating in letting go of the need to be right or vindicated.
   What is that? What is that NEED we have to correct those who are WRONG about us? I reflect on how much energy I expended in trying to prove my worth in my last relationship. Its a pointless exercise. Recipe for pain: spending your life proving yourself to people.  Bad idea. If you spend your life protecting or correcting your reputation….youll miss the whole point of life…..which is to live it!


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