Treating the flu with anti-depressants

“Sex should be more spicy in marriage than before marriage. Sex is an act of worship and the devil wants to destroy oneness. I am praying for a revival of (intimacy in marriages)….”.
  This is a quote from a friend of mine on one of my social media pages. It stirred a deep sense of outrage in my belly upon reflection.
   I mean….is it just me or does it strike anyone else strange that the dialogue of the modern day church is strictly directed to the broken marriage? The woman left with the kids? The man whose wife left him? These ministries are well funded, detailed, with countless conferences, books and most importantly countless sermons from the pulpit sunday after sunday. We rail against how pornography has destroyed the family. How we are raising a fatherless generation because men have left the wife for a newer model. How the church is crumbling due to the lack of family stability. How sex on tv is destroying families. How gay-centric sex education in schools is destroying our kids ideals of what a family is. (Hold on, im going somewhere with this…sis) How gay marriage laws are eroding our families from the inside out. This is the dialogue of modern day churches everywhere.
   Heres the problem: blaming all of these things for the erosion of marriages is like blaming an anti-depressant for not curing the flu. ITS RIDICULOUS!!!! Yes, im going there!
   How in the heck is it Tom and Joe’s fault because they got married in California that your husband left you for his secretary that told him everyday that she would cater to his every whim sexually and youve been wearing the same holey tshirt and ratty boxers shorts to bed for 10 years?! How is it the pornography business’s fault that you havent purchased or worn lingerie since ’96?!
    Men: how is it the devils fault that your wife left you for the mailroom guy who told her she was beautiful everyday for years while you ignored her for monday night football? Do you really believe that bc you didnt pray enough or skipped paying tithes a few sundays that the enemy led her to his home and made her spend the night? Could it be that you are too lazy as a husband to learn your wifes body to please her physically in the millions of ways that DONT include pentration?

    Heres my beef. The shepards of our souls are sooooooooo willing to preach to the broken marriages and single mothers…. (those are the ones that pay the largest and most consistant offerings and tithes). BUT NO ONE IS WILLING TO TEACH OR PREACH GOOD SEX IN MARRIAGE! Where are the messages to the men about “how to make love to your wife”…”the diacotomy of the female orgasm”, “make love to her mind and heart before you touch her body”? Where are the messages to the women: “the penis is NOT a mans only sex organ”, “God made men are visual creatures” “learn your man or she will”?
   Why are we WAITING until its broken to find someone to blame and gather a mob to attack… (who obviously have nothing to do with it….Twin towers? Sadam Hussein? Sound familiar?) We blame pornography but wont teach women that men are visual and to invest in keeping the romance and eye of her husband. Men we get all sanctified and blame satan but you expect her sexual needs to be satisfied in 5 mins, with no foreplay, u roll in sweaty from work and no romance EVER? No sexy texts all day? Really?

   Until someone has the cahonies to preach Song of Solomon, Proverbs and the truth…..we will continue to treat the flu of 67% divorce rate in churches with anti-depressants and look stupidly into the camera of society with Pat Roberson while blaming gay marriage. Smh (stepping off soapbox)

PS. this is the problem with healthcare as well. We stupidly want a pill for sickness, obesity, illnesses instead of working toward preventative care. Lazy country, lazy church, lazy americans, lazy christians, lazy wives, husbands and children.


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