Week of transition and reflection

I decided to take a week off. You know sometimes it feels like what you write is more emotion than fact. In rereading several posts, I felt as if my frustration was starting to find its way into my blog. Lol. I know that sounds a little conflicting considering the blogs purpose is to give a candid account of what a single christian finding his way through the minefield of clichés and heartbreak. But what I dont want is a page of complaints and no solutions. A blog of gripes and no growth.
I believe I have done a decent job of trying keep such is the case. Havent done it perfectly but ive tried.
     Ive been struggling back and forth with opportunities that are placed before me at this time in my life. Ive been struggling with how convicted I feel about the truth ive come to know and the resistance of those around me to accept it. I seriously battle the desire to not care anymore. Politically, socially, as a christian….im just so over it. I know I shouldn’t be. I know I should be better than that. More understanding.
Just tired of seeing broken people come to church and leave still broken.
Tired of hearing uninformed unintelligent people rail about the ills of government but dont know the difference between Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act. (Psst…there isnt one!) Democrates because theyre black. Republican because theyre evangelical. Rich saying poor are lazy. Poor saying the rich are greedy. Arrrggghh!
I just want to go away far from all christians, dems and republicans….preachers and pastors…..millionaires and mission dwellers. …soldiers and slaves…..
No one wants better. Everyone just wantd their way. No one wants to sacrifice. Everyone’s selfish and greedy. Dad they wont listen to you. So they definately wont listen to me. Tired of seeing people die and the survivors blame each other.
Just venting….sometimes it feels better to write it out. If I ever said what I truly feel to the people who actually need to hear it……it would be ugly.


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