Pinterest Works!!!!!!!!


Ryan Leak’s girlfriend dreamed of being engaged and married on the same day. Using Pinterest, he made her dream come true. Ryan studied his girlfriend’s Pinterest posts to find out what she liked, keeping his plans to give her the surprise of a lifetime a secret from the love of his life. She had reposted over 200 photos of wedding dreams:First, Ryan proposed beside her favorite fountain:Then he led her into the venue where, unbeknownst to his fiance, her wedding ceremony was about to begin. Friends and family were gathered there holding a sign that read, “Today?” to clue her into the surprise. His fiance said:When I opened the door and I saw everyone that I loved standing there it was so overwhelming, I felt so overwhelmed with love. Using the photos in his girlfriends “Dream Wedding” Pinterest album, Ryan had picked out everything, from the venue to the reception area to her dress. He even flew her hairdresser to Miami to make her look beautiful on her special day:Ryan said:As soon as she said YES I knew nothing would matter and we would have the best day no matter what.Someone give this man a gold star. He’s set the bar extremely high for men who plan to propose anytime in the near future. His genuine care for what she wanted, and meticulous planning down to the last detail confirm just how deeply in love he is with this woman. I wish them a long, happy future together.


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