The ONE lesson every man MUST learn

For so many years of my life my self-discipline was terrible. This lack of self-discipline kept me running around in circles, procrastinating like a king, and always chasing the‘latest greatest idea’.Have you ever been ‘there’?
    I’m glad I’m not ‘there’ anymore and I work daily on bringing more self-discipline into my life.

   Here’s the question. Whenever you read a great success story, from Tiger Woods,Oprah, Spielberg, Frank McKinney, to famous generals and more, you always here ‘this’ mentioned.

“They brought great discipline to their work.”

    What do the most successful people in the world ‘have’ that allow them to bring more discipline into their lives than the rest of the population? There might be 10 answers. Probably more.I’m going to focus today on what I believe is the MOST IMPORTANT in order to bring more self-discipline into your life. If you look at the globe, you see many things.You see millions of people unhappy with their careers, you see millions of people looking for meaning in their lives,and you see millions of people that have accepted the status quo in their lives.
   If that’s the choice people make, great, I know some of you are looking for more in your life though. How do we make self-discipline much easier for ourselves? How do we improve our discipline 1% each day? What do the ‘greats’ do that other’s don’t?

    The mass of people lead visionless lives.

Read this again.

The mass of people lead visionless lives.

I did as well for a long time. A long time. Remember, what was written thousands of years ago.“Where there is no vision, the people perish.”The word ‘perish’ in the past was translated to ‘throw off constraints.”What does that exactly mean?”
It means that when we don’t have a VISION for our lives, we throw off self-discipline, self-control, and order.
(I’d readthis 2x)

    You see, without a VISION we replay the limitations and negative recurring patterns of our past. Without using our IMAGINATION to build the better you, we use the lack in our past to keep us on a fear driven merry go round. No fun. Not at all. You, I, us, WE must do the INNER work. Not rely on the crutch of the emotionalism of doctrinal religiousity (Yes, i made that word up)

      I don’t care what your inner critic has to say. You were BORN with unique gifts, purposes, and talents. You were born to lead. You were born to fulfill a GREAT VISION. Maybe it’s being a great dad, a great business owner, great entrepreneur. It doesn’t matter. Build the vision for your life. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Let it develop. Cultivate it. Build it. Hold it. Pursue it.The greatest gift in pursuing your vision, is WHO you become IN the process. (money is important, though in itself it will never give you meaning.)

    As your vision develops and materializes be fluid enough to allow God to be the master artist in your life. Create a living, breathing masterpiece called your life.Start with a bright, clear vision. Watch discipline and order enter your life in a greater way by virtue of principled living.

I believe in -you-. The thousands of other people reading this right now BELIEVE IN YOU.
(Group high five)
Your greatest days are ahead of you and can’t wait to see you grow into the visionaries you were born to be.

Build your vision 1% today


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