The “To Be”List

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Contemplating Love

to be list blog contemplatnging love quote bukowskiInspired by this post from a Guitar with No Strings, here is my tiny To be List and to hell with the cliche To Do List.

I want to be FEARLESS.

I want to be always truly and undeniably MYSELF.

I want to be surrounded by people who LOVE ME for me, who respect my decisions and understand me, even if not always perfectly.

I want to GROW OLD WITHOUT REGRETS. It doesn’t matter whether I will be blessed with a family of my own, children and grandchildren. All it matters is that I am in peace with myself.

I want to SEE THE WORLD. And for that I want to have the mindset of a traveller, of an adventurer, someone who cannot rest until they capture the beauty of their wildest dreams with their own eyes.

I want to become a person worth loving…

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