The Most taboo 2 topics never to be discussed

Yup, I’m gonna go there…


I’ve managed, over the life of this blog, to broaden the scope of the topics I discuss. I attempt to be fair, imformative and all inclusive. This is a result of the growth of my character and the miles put now behind during this journey…..which is the jist, if you will, of this blog… journey.

   Today, I need to unload. I’ve been mulling over a conflict of conscience for several months now with no resolution in sight… today, I pose these questions for you to ponder.

1. Why is there a “religious right” and a no religious left? Are there no true christians on the left?

2. If the Bible says, “Vengeance is mine saith the Lord…” why is it ok to bomb anyone that attacks us…(assuming we are a Bible based country as the right desires)


3. Why am I, as a black man, made to feel guilty if I don’t vote democratic by black church leaders?

4. Why are the people that attack the president’s policies called “agents of the devil” in prayer in black churches Sunday after sunday? And those that support the president called “enemies of God” in white churches during prayer from pulpits across the country……and they’re both praying to the SAME GOD?



5. If the Bible says to be a good steward of your resources….how is it ok to spend taxpayer money that the country doesn’t have? But then say the government needs to turn back to God….yet not follow the Bible’s teachings?

6. Why is it ok to espouse Jesus as the answer for all of our country’s ills….yet not adhere to his example as citizens?


7. Why is it ok to live under the cover of God’s grace and ok to refuse that same grace to terrorists. Does the “turn the other cheek” scripture doesn’t apply to terrorists? To the opposing political party?


8. If this country was colonized by people from England who came only because the accepted religion of the country was being forced down their throats…..why is it ok for us to do the same now?

9. If this country was colonized by immigrants who stole, murdered and hustled the land from the people ALREADY living here….why is it ok to kick out immigrants now?


10. Why does lying about keeping your insurance if you like it, letting gays get married, supporting Roe vs. Wade, Benghazi…qualify you as the Antichrist and the worst president in U.S. history……
But murdering over 4,000 American men and women personally causing their DEATHS, ball faced lying about the non existence of WMDs and being personally responsible for trillions of wasted taxpayers dollars….results in you being revered as one of the most admired American patriotic presidents?


11. And finally, how can ANY Christian, Republican or democratic…independent or tea bagger, believe that God would ever bless a country that was started by people who stole every piece of land from the people that already possessed it by bullying them…..then built the infrastructure on the backs of thousands of his children that were kidnapped, raped, sold and treated as livestock….A country that had to be forced to treat His most lovingly made creation, woman as a treasure and not a possession. …refuses to accept and welcome everyone into their arms as He did and still does…..and now is hellbent on making the “love” of His book the law of land to be crammed down everyone’s throats?

I have no answers. I am a preacher. A christian. A black man. A dad. An american who loves God with all my heart, my children with everything I have…..but not sure I can be associated the twisted warped entity that is the modern day church. I love you Dad….but your followers look or sound nothing like you. Help?

(Thank you for indulging my rant)

P.S. If any of you have any answers PLEASE feel free to share.


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