I’m going to get in trouble over this….I already know!

I’m usually not this preachy here but I’d thought I’d share one of my aptly named “Mythbusters” that will be in my book to be released next fall. The title of the book tentatively is “I never said that….Love, God”.

I believe this is one of the most twisted, warped and misconstrued scriptures in the Bible. Sadly, it’s arguably, the most quoted AND misunderstood. Here’s my take.

Psalm 23
1. “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.
4. Yea though I walk through valley….”

Q. If God is the shepherd…what does make me?
A. Sheep.

Q.What are the characteristics of sheep?
A. Obedient, docile, without ANY way of defending themselves; codependent,
Without the ability to make decisions for themselves; without a need to know where they are or where they’re going;

Wow….everything that we are groomed NOT to be. That description goes against every fiber of our being….doesn’t it? Well spiritual truth rarely agrees with the natural flesh. Hmmm.

Interestingly enough, shepherds PREFER valleys. Its full of FOOD for the sheep. RAIN collects in valleys and enriches the soil to provide nutrient rich FOOD for the sheep. Shepherds NEVER feed the sheep on the mountaintop. There’s no food there. They never sleep on the mountaintop. It’s too cold. When “night” comes, they always bed down in the VALLEY. They sleep with, eat with and feed, drink with and water, wash and clean the sheep in the VALLEY. The mountaintop is ONLY VISITED…..on the way to the NEXT valley. Are ya catching this? So with this awareness, the statement that, “If it’s not one thing it’s another…” is kind of ridiculous sounding don’t you think?

“…I shall not want….”
This scripture is often misinterpreted to infer that “God shall give me everything I need/want”. Not even close.
This verse has nothing to do with what God does and everything to do with us assuming the role of sheep.

Sheep are completely oblivious to their needs and HAVE NO DESIRES.
That’s what “I shall not want….” means….I shall have no desires because God, being my shepherd, prevents me from having any. I have no wants….only instructions and a mission to accomplish. Sheep simply shall not want.
“Shall” indicates obedience to a command….not a state of being fed with a “silver spoon”.
Sheep are supremely comfortable in the track record of the shepherd to provide security, shelter, food and all necessities.
Never “wanting”
We surrender the right to “want” when we decide to follow Christ.
We have to let go of what kind of job, what kind of house we’ve dreamed of, what kind of spouse,
car, life, kids….”not want”
Let go to live completely at the shepherd’s discretion.

So in that vein, the RAIN/STORMS that we pray for God to speak peace to when they come in our lives…are actually NECESSARY to grow the food which feeds our character.

So instead of praying for the END of the storms…we should be dancing in the rain.

P.S. fyi…..
THIS IS NOT A VALLEY, (it’s actually an Emergency Room for spiritually “sick” people. Hospitals aren’t full of healthy ppl)…..sorry Pastors…I know this may mess up your game a little. But if this is the only place you see your sheep and interact with them….that may be the reason why they are missing so often. Just sayin.


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