I’ve Never Seen Anything So Horrifying, Tearful, And Beautiful.

      Now that the year will be quickly drawing to a close, we wanted to remember some of the downright insane things have have happened this year. From the deadly to the triumphant, 2013 has been filled with events that none of us will soon forget. Countless people were injured by bombings, civil uprisings and natural disasters. However, within that tragedy, humanity’s beautiful true nature shone through. These are 28 photos that you simply must see before the end of the year.

A couple mourns the loss of their home in Moore, OK.

(Great place for the money we paid congress during the shutdown they caused, don’t cha think?)

Nick Wallenda walks along a 2-inch thick cable suspended over a gorge.

AP Photos/Discovery Channel, Tiffany Brown
(We could change this world if we had this kind of resolve.)

This demonstrator was shot by rubber bullets in Rio de Janiero, Brazil.

Christophe Simon / AFP / Getty Images
(To serve and protect…who?)

A super hero window washer cheers up a sick child in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Nacho Doce / Reuters
(A window washer making deposits of hope on minimum wage….called selflessness)

This heroic grandmother helped her grandchildren find refuge from a deadly fire in Australia.

Tim Holmes / AP
(When family actually matters..)

An anti-government protestor gives a rose to a Thai solder in Bangkok.

AP Photo/Wason Wanichakorn, File
(Love thy enemy. ….when we will learn this lesson?)

This widow mourns the loss of her soldier husband in Afghanistan in Arlington National Cemetery.

Manuel Balce Ceneta / AP
(What happens when we DONT learn the aforementioned lesson.)

Garrett McNamara attempts to break the Guinness World Record for largest wave surfed in Portugal.

Tó Mané / Barcroft Media / Landov
(Wish more of us had this kind of courage)

A boy carries his dog through flood waters in Manila, Philippines.

Reuters/Romeo Ranoco
(When we care for more our animals than each other….somethings wrong..)

Catholics take pictures of the newly elected Pope Francis at the Vatican.

Michael Sohn / AP
(And the popularity of religion over relationship grows)

A girl holds the hand of her mother that was deported to Mexico 6 years ago at the border fence in Arizona.

Samantha Sais /The New York Times / Redux Pictures
(Yeah, still feel good about the “kick ’em all out” arguement?)

This brave woman attempted to stop a military bulldozer from running over an injured man in Cairo, Egypt.

Mohammed Abdel Moneim / AFP / Getty Images
(This is what Christianity looks like walked out….oh wait she’s not a christian)

A young man in India dangles from a power line as he attempts to escape flood waters rising from the Ganges river.

Sanjay Kanojia / AFP / Getty Images
(Just like most of us, hanging on by a thread)

A Pakistani man clutches a child he is carrying away from the scene of a car bomb in northern Pakistan.

Mohammad Sajjad / AP
(Wow, it does exist…..love For fellow man in action)

This young man was caught committing suicide by jumping from a bridge in Wuhan, China, moments after his lover jumped herself.

STR / AFP / Getty Images
(And then…..there’s complete indifference in abundance)

A man bravely rescues a woman from her car stuck on a flooded road in Athens in February.

John Kolesidis / Reuters
(And then in tragedy. …the God in all of us does show up)

A sad little boy longingly looks into the temporarily closed National Zoo during the government shutdown.

Superbonnie via Reddt / Via reddit.com
(And then…..Our governement goes postal)

This woman’s head is shaved as a symbol of mourning for the late Cambodian King before his funeral.

Wong Maye-E, File / AP Photo
((Honor given to those we love..)

Little boys play with toy guns in Afghanistan on the first day of Eid al-Adha.

Parwiz / Reuters
(Don’t get caught up in the Muslim garb…This scene is acted out all over America everyday with our kids)

A Bahraini protestor was fully engulfed in flames as the gasoline bomb he was about to throw exploded in his hands.

Hasan Jamali / AP
(Must be a republican…..lol)

A runner fell injured to the ground while police attempted to react to the Boston Marathon bombing.

ohn Tlumacki / The Boston Globe / AP
(The best of our public servants)

Onlookers watch as water gushes from China’s Yellow River as the government attempted to remove built-up silt.

China Stringer Network / Reuters
(Ironic how government in any country that’s trying to fix something tends to make more of a mess?)

Runners share a moment of silence at the London Marathon in honor of what happened at the Boston Marathon.

Luke Macgregor / Reuters
(Honoring the grief of others)

Figo, a K-9 officer, mourns the loss of his partner Officer Jason Ellis.

onathan Palmer / Herald-Leader
(A partners love)

Survivors of Super Typhoon Haiyan take part in a religious procession.

Philippe Lopez / AFP / Getty Images
(Loss seemed to be a theme this year)

A small boy grabs at his mother’s leg and cries during the aftermath of the 6.6 magnitude earthquake in the Sichuan Province in China.

Jason Lee / Reuters
(I imagine this is how the middle class feels clutching to the government)

An Air Force sergeant surprises his family during the New York Giants vs. Green Bay Packers game.

Brad Penner / USA TODAY Sports
(Family trumps everything)

An Indonesian child watches with awe as ash spewed from the top of Mt. Sinabung.

Roni Bintang / Reuters
(The wonderment of God’s creation at work)

Some of these events you may remember, some you may not. All of these images are worth sharing.


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