And the Moral of the story is…….

     Today, I cave to the irresistible need to address the Signgate of Nelson Mandela’s funeral. I know the tendencies of an ultra conservative media has blown this as far out of proportion as everything else they report on that is democratically supported. I’m still waiting on the cure cancer discovered by a liberal to be condemned as unpatriotic by Pat Roberson and paid for by the sale of turned in Obama phones. (Ok, I’ll be on my best behavior)

JOHANNESBURG — The South African government said Friday it is aware of reports that the bogus sign language interpreter at Nelson Mandela’s memorial once faced a murder charge, and said he is being investigated

Phumla Williams of the government communications office said the government is investigating Thamsanqa Jantjie and how he was selected to interpret at a memorial Tuesday at which he stood close to President Obama and other leaders.

    Jantjie outraged deaf people by making signs they said amounted to gibberish. A South African TV news outlet, eNCA, reported that Jantjiefaced a murder charge a decade ago, but it is unclear if the case was concluded. He also reportedly faced other criminal charges.

     Phony sign language interpreter blames schizophrenia. In an interview with CBS News, Jantjie admitted to suffering from violent outbursts and hallucinations as a result of his condition, even on the day of the memorial.
      “When I get an episode, I see ugly things, see ugly things,” said Jantjie. “But that day I see angels.”

 Asked by CBS News about the report, Jantjie would not directly comment. A Pretoria police spokesman also would not comment on the charges to CBS News.

On Thursday, the White House deflected all questions about whether the president was in danger to the Secret Service, CBS News White House correspondent Bill Plante reports.
“For matters regarding the president’s security, I would refer you to the Secret Service. Obviously they worked very hard on this trip, which came about on short notice,” White House press secretary Jay Carney told reporters.

The Secret Service said it had an understanding that the South African government was responsible for vetting the people on the stage for the ceremony and that agreed-upon security measures were in place.
“Without passing judgment, nobody should be allowed to undermine our languages. We sincerely apologize to the deaf community and to all South Africans for any offense that may have been suffered,” Mashatile said in a statement.

He did not comment on who was responsible for hiring the sign interpreter for Tuesday’s memorial. Several government departments involved in preparations for Tuesday’s memorial have denied hiring Jantjie. The African National Congress, South Africa’s ruling party, said the state was responsible for all arrangements.

All of that information disseminated to highlight this simple point: with all of the knowledge and learning harnessed by the president’s academic prowess. ….his cabinets overall MENSA scores being higher than any previous cabinet….yet because no one understood Sign language. ….no one had any idea that this gentleman was signing jibberrish the entire time. What insanity is it to be surrounded by the finest minds but no one speaks the language?

This is the issue in our world, country, government and families. We have surpassed our wildest imaginations in philosophy, medicine, financial, technology, science……and our world is yet in turmoil because those that claim to be the ones who know what’s right for EVERYBODY (There’s the first red flag) and they have remedy to put things back the way they were….(which were only good for top 2%) are just speaking gibberish but because no one speaks common sense anymore…..their gibberish is accepted as truth.




If people are important to you, you will know and learn the language they speak..Instead of making up gibberish to look like you know what you’re doing and then claiming political schizophrenia to draw public sympathy for your absurd assertions.


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