Chopping down a tree and whining because it has no leaves


Today, I have a desire to articulate some thoughts I’ve been pondering. 
   I’ve had a few conversations with several friends, as of late, that are in different churches and at different levels of leadership. It seems as though there is an ever increasing trend of micromanagement in pastors. 
    Now I have to say first and foremost, I have been extraordinarily blessed NOT to have that problem, anymore. My current place of serving is pastored by a forward thinking visionary that believes in encouraging membership to operate in their gifts and talents, free of the constraints of distrust and egotistical monarchy.  I have been, at one time or two, a member of an organization that was run by a leader who was the complete opposite of the one I now enjoy.

   But to my point, let’s take a church as an example for this post.
   Assuming that the pastor has a congregation of a few hundred, he has taken upon himself the responsibility of running the business of the church, caring for the emotional, spiritual, financial, relational and physical health and well being of those in his congregation. (Understand that the number plays no role in the assumed responsibility of a pastor). Now with that responsibility, it is assumed that the aforementioned pastor would take in a new convert…..get to know him or her…. over time find out what their passion is and direct them in an area where they can hone and develop their skill in the area of their passion.

    Here’s where the problem, as I see it lies. When that pastor puts….let’s say a young single guy with a passion for stage production…..In charge of the drama ministry. Well the young convert excited and full of ideas writes the easter production. As he rehearses, constructs sets, rewrites the script…..the pastor is at every rehearsal…..changing the script, the set, recasting the actors, taking out parts of the production….changing the music…This completes castrates the gift and enthusiasm of the convert.

    Now, imagine the leader that has to approve every song, count every offering, set up every youth field trip and ride along, write every budget, be involved with every nook and cranny of every decision made. For that matter, imagine any leader in ANY industry with this level of micro management….we would all agree that this is the poison of growth, personnel retention, the birthing of leaders and contributes eventually to the demise of ANY company? I’d say so.
So why then is this ok in churches?

  If leadership is sowing the Word of God into our hearts….then instructing us to trust that same God for our lives….why can’t they trust the God in us to operate in passion we were created for? Why preach on bearing fruit and not trust the fruit we bear? Why preach on trusting God and turn around and not trust the God in your members?


   Food for thought: Any leader of any value grows LEADERS….not FOLLOWERS.

let it marinate ppl


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