The oxymoron of christians celebrating christmas

Usually, I tend to share deep meaningful information on topics that are pertinent to the growth of my readers.

  Today, I am simply unloading my frustration with the way christians “do” Christmas and their adamant defense of such foolishness. I’ll attempt to be brief.

1) The Christmas tree controversy

  The Christmas tree has its origins from several places:
     In poland, there was an old pagan custom of suspending at the ceiling a branch of fir, spruce or pine called Podłaźniczka associated with Koliada.
     In Scandinavia,In Norse mythology, the oak was sacred to the thunder god, Thor. Thor’s Oak was a sacred tree of the Germanic Chatti tribe.
      . In Livonia (present-dayLatvia and Estonia), in 1441, 1442, 1510 and 1514, the Brotherhood of Blackheads erected a tree for the holidays in their guild houses in Riga and Reval (now Tallinn). On the last night of the celebrations leading up to the holidays, the tree was taken to theTown Hall Square where the members of the brotherhood danced around it. And the list goes on.
     You get the picture. Christians are up in arms about the White House tree being called a “holiday tree” instead of a “Christmas tree” and are completely ignorant that they are fighting to keep a pagan ritual symbol?! How utterly ridiculous? I have nothing against Christmas trees. But I think it’s nuts to argue the sanctity of a pagan symbol that God clearly states is NOT His!

2) Christmas presents

    This one just fires me up. My birthday is June 30th. Now if I gave all of my friends money all year long; instructed them what to do with it and when my birthday came around; to celebrate MY birthday; THEY SPENT ALL THE MONEY I GAVE THEM TO BUY UNNECESSARY TRINKETS FOR EACH OTHER AND THEN ASKED ME FOR MORE MONEY AFTERWARDS?!?!?! I’d be pissed! I suspect you would too! That’s exactly what we christians do every year. We pray and fast for abundance and piss it away on nonessential things to celebrate HIS birthday and get him NOTHING!

  He plainly said, “If you love me, keep my commamdments.” Wouldn’t it stand to reason that if we truly cared about celebrating him, we would spend the resources he has given us on the things that are important to him? Especially on HIS day?!

   Like maybe: instead of stuffing our bellies, we could stuff the local food pantry.

Instead of buying $170 Nike Jordans for kids that have a closet full of shoes, buy 12 pairs of new shoes for the homeless men at the shelter

Instead of standing in line at Walmart on black Friday for yet another tv(already have 2 in the house); stand in line at the soup kitchen on Christmas day to feed the hungry.

Invite a homeless family to spend Christmas day at your home and your entire family buy them gifts.

    I know, it’s crazy, to ACTUALLY do what Jesus commands. To use HIS money for the things that are important to HIM. (SIDENOTE: to the “lost” christians that still are deluded into believing that God blesses you with money to buy the desires of your heart….nope.
Not until your heart IS actually His heart. And his heart isn’t jordans…..sorry. unless you’re buying them to give them away)

3) December 25th

       We can narrow down where the ark landed. We can pin point the farthest reaches of our galaxy, put a man on the moon….soon mars. But we can’t collectively agree amidst a plethora of facts that Jesus wasn’t even born in December! It was actually more like august! But oh no, we want to fight to keep nativity scenes, Christmas trees, wreaths etc….A slew of things that have nothing to do with Jesus’ birth (nativity scene not included)
And we celebrate it on the WRONG DAY!?!? I wish someone would start a national campaign to MAKE ppl honor me on my birthday and celebrate it on Oct 22! I would scream, ” hey idiot, if you’re gonna honor me, at least be dignified enough to get the date right!” We got Martin Luther Kings birthday right. George Washington. Justin beiber. Gerald Ford’s…..

4) Santa claus/ St. Nick

     Really people? Do I need to go here?

Now I will say this. have I purchased gifts for my kids?…yes. Have I purchased gifts for family? sure. Have I ever set up a Christmas tree and decorated the house with lights?…absolutely. But I’ve also sold drugs in my life. Had unprotected, sex before marriage. Done drugs. Gotten drunk. Blown all my money on women and liquor. Been shot. Shot someone. Have stabbed and been stabbed. Been to church high. Cheated, lied, stole and been to jail. Point is….when you know better….you do better.

    In short, (lol, when have I ever been short) we spend His money on stuff he could care less about, decorate our homes he’s given us with traditions from other religions and gods, commit the sin of gluttony…

At HIS birthday party that we repeatedly have on the wrong day….In the wrong month……Every year…..and get mad when people don’t honor this foolishness with us!

We are some really messed up people……and we wonder why the world doesn’t want to join the church?

“I love your Christ, but His followers look nothing like Him.” – Mahatma Ghandi

Smh…let it marinate ppl. (Like you did your turkey.)


2 thoughts on “The oxymoron of christians celebrating christmas

    1. I agree our society is materialistic but you must admit Christmas is inherently accepted as a “christian” holiday. Therein lies the root of my frustration…..the behaviour exhibited is the polar opposite of its teachings.

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