Taking off the “S”. The Epiphany of Jan. 2014


Every month this year, I would like to document a specific life lesson I’ve discovered. If not simply for posterity; for your mental perusing.

This month has been one of “closing ranks”. We all have varying degrees of associations and manage them very differently from each other. But what we all have in common is a “pool”, if you will, of those we are acquainted with and those who actively occupy a role in our lives. This dynamic varies widely among people but it always evident to some degree.

I have been always predisposed to share the tough lessons I have had to learn the hard way with others, in hopes they would not replicate my pain.




It has been a part of my mental and emotional dna. It has been the fuel of publications; my furious writing pace; mentoring youth and making myself availiable for all those who need.

I’ve discovered that the majority of our culture and society prefer to stay enslaved, handicapped and ignorant. And will fiercely attack any attempt to stem the lethargic, slow drip into mediocre paralysis. I have often questioned how can those who claim to love ignore hurting people? I get it. It’s quite a facade. Because no one really honestly wants to heal.


So I’m circling my wagons, putting the metaphorical “family” inside…grandma, daughters, sister, brother, support team….and I wish the best to the rest of the earth.

January’s life lesson is simply a quote from Mother Teresa. I have wanted to believe better of the human condition….but alas, I must concede. She was right and I was far too optimistic and hopeful.

Take care of YOU &yours
Love you & yours
Be you & be there for yours
Let the rest figure it out for themselves… chances are they dont want help, just sympathy.

I’m taking off the “S” and headed to find strings for my guitar….


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