More than a musician

     It’s been a long road. But I’m so ecstatic to say I finally out of the mold. Broken free. I’ve always known my capacity and purpose….but I’m able to be respected and valued for the business acumen God has blessed me with more than the notes I play.
    I’ve heard often of musicians feeling as though they were just an “organ monkey”. I never gave much credence to the stance. Until the last 12 years. It is cool to be thought of as a decent or at least an average musician….but if that’s all you ever are….is that really enough for you? Never was for me. Music is and has always been a passion but only a stepping stone to more meaningful pursuits.

    What has been the most difficult is the scores of people that will never see me as anything but an “organ monkey”.

   I encourage you to never let others define your level of ascension.  Never let what others perception of what you have to offer dictate what you give. Never take the price tag others hang on you as your actual value you assign to yourself.  Others may see your capabilities limited at the most menial of tasks…..never let that stop you from seeing who you really are….destined for a life of significance….a life that matters……now go and live that out.


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