Gay christians….yup, I’m going there.

Today, I’m not going to be deep and footnote sources…I just want to speak from my heart. Take it for whatever you want to. But just want to get it off my chest and maybe inspire some honest discussion…which we sorely need.

It’s hard to start this conversation because there is so much to say, but here goes:
I recently have been challenged in so many ways about the lgbt vs. Christian war the country has embroiled itself in. I say “itself”, knowing full well many disagree with me. But I believe both sides chose to make enemies out of the other side.


It started out with the Phil Robertson comments in GQ. I watched the conservative christian side didn’t bother to read the entire article and misquote Mr. Robertson; and boycott the cable channel (like they even noticed) because the company chose to run their company by their beliefs.
Then turn right around and try to pass a law in Arizona to do the very same thing they boycotted the cable station that suspended Phil Robertson for. Just for the record, I read the article and unlike the 700 club; Fix News and the rest of the religious retarded right….I agreed with what Phil actually said. We should stop worrying about what people do in their bedroom and just learn how to love each other…We’d be a better country. But I withdrew my support of Phil when I saw him encourage males to marry underage females, advocate pedophilia, and infer that women must be trained by men at an early age or else they are useless.

But the lgbt community decided to lump all of us christians into the same hateful bunch. While demanding we see them as individuals and not all the same, they dubbed all christians as gay hating homophobes. Celebrate their differences while refusing to acknowledging ours.
I’ll never be caught dead holding a “God Hates Fags” picket sign.

But the lgbt community think we all do.
Kind of like white folks locking their doors when Trayvon Martin types walk by.

Or black women thinking all black men are cheaters and liars. Or thinking all blacks are straight line democrats. You get the point.

Then today, I ended with a long expose` about the Exodus International.

Long story short, it was a ministry started in 1976 by a gay man that developed strategies called repairative therapy. This therapy promised to change the gay converts to straight through prayer. If they wanted it enough.

I’m just awash with conflict. I won’t and can’t make a condemnation of either side.
Everything is so warped and twisted by man. None of it looks like the God I serve. There’s no way that my God would condone “God Hates fags” signs. No way would he condone the discrimination the christians in Arizona just tried to make into law.

I can’t get away from the fact that God created mankind in his image.
All mankind

The other thing I can’t wrap my head around is that I don’t understand why there is such an attack on the sin of homosexuality.
We don’t want it taught in schools as christians. But lying is perfectly okay. The Bible says ALL liars will have a place in hell. Yet, we allow the lies in history books to be taught as truths.
This is not John Hanson the first black president. This guy’s from libya not africa.

George Washington was not the first president.

This is John Hanson…very white and very swedish.

Benjamin Franklin did not father electricity.

Nikolai Tesla did.

So many lies. But we jump on homosexuality. I’m not sure why one sin is so much bigger than another.

I know so many Christians battling with lying,



pornography, domestic violence, addictions

and “there’s room at the cross” for all of them. Even though they walk in deliverance for a few days….fall….repent…and try again. But the gays don’t get the same grace….Homosexuality is somehow beyond the cross. In black church, it’s worse. Even celibate effeminate men are condemned and made to feel as if somethings wrong with them because they aren’t as masculine as the next guy.

My heart bleeds for these folks. I’m a typical man’s man. I don’t struggle with any of these issues. And I could do what most christians do….condemn them all and walk off, it’s not my problem. Im a happy heterosexual guy. I’ll be happily married one day to a woman so I’ll ignore it just like I ignore the sex slave trafficking business. (While I scream about slavery and racism as a black man…I know it even sounds retarded)

I also have a huge issue with the lgbt community.

Well, truth be told, the christian conservative movement is guilty of the same.
The lgbt want acceptance as equals and their lifestyle choice to be respected….but refuses to respect the lifestyle choices of others.

The church wants the freedom to raise their kids and practice their beliefs without persecution….but take every opportunity to persecute anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

Agree or not, here’s my take. God created male and female. These are genders…not sexuality. 2 completely different things. The church needs to stop using creation to define sexuality and the lgbt community needs to own the fact that the sex act is a choice. Period. God doesn’t condemn being attracted to the same sex….He only has a problem with the sex act with the same sex. The same way he has a problem with heterosexual sex outside of marriage. There’s no difference.

I believe the lgbt community should have a right to choose what life they choose to lead. But just don’t sell me the “I was born gay” so I’m not responsible for my choices crap.

Own your choices. I’ll protect your right to choose…..Just own the choice.

And to the church, own your hypocrisy and be honest. Liars, adultery, domestic violence are all on tv, media, and thrust into your faces and you eat it up. Scandal, Duck Dynasty, reality tv….you suck it down but are outraged at Will and Grace? Please! Gays are going to hell but all the adulterers and liars in the pews are going to make it? Really? And if for a second you think that doesn’t include you, how many people have left messages on your phone that you never intend to call back? Your outgoing message says you’ll return the call as soon as possible. That’s a lie. =Hell.

I’m just done with the hypocrisy on both sides. Jesus never passed a law….but that’s all christians do nowadays. Plainly says, “I didn’t come to condemn the world. .” But we’ve got that mastered. And the lgbt community wants a free pass for everything. God is love but He’s not stupid. There’s grace for all. He’s not going to just let you Piss all over Him and its all good. Own your choices. If you choose to live in sexual sin…then say so. It’s just like me…If I choose to screw every women that I come in contact with….then I own that choice. I’m not going to say “I’m hypersexual” and its not my fault. That’s a cop out.

Do I think God changes sexuality and attractions?
I don’t think for everybody. I think just like some people have to live their whole lives struggling against drug addictions, or lying, or cheating, violent tendencies, or in my case…sexual promiscuity. … it might be the case with homosexuality.

But hear me, I also think it is not the heart of God that people think something is wrong with his creation of them. The guilt and shame heaped on gays by the church is horrific. I don’t believe this is God’s plan either. Do I know the solution? No. I think more important than me or anyone else knowing the solution….is that we extend the grace to each other to have our own experience with the Almighty. AlThough that lifestyle isn’t my choice, I refuse to make a career out of bashing the lgbt community into religious submission. I choose to do what Christ did……Just love the beautiful creations they are and let God reach them through me showing His love for their souls. My job is to love and love only…..that’s the commandment Jesus specifically said if you don’t get anything right, get this one right….it’s the most important. Yeah….think about it. Do we even sound or look anything like love as a whole? I’ll wait…………….

There I’ve said my piece. Hate mail expected. But guess what…..I love all of you guys too.

Let it marinate, ppl


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