My letter to my Facebook friends

I’m again exasperated at the lack of discussion of the weighty matters of life today. I guess I just expect too much from ppl. I haven’t seen anything about today being the 25th anniversary of the Exxon valdez oil disaster as the coast of Texas shuts down with yet another irresponsible oil disaster……but who cares….big business and big oil has owned and pimped every president of this country since JFK…

I read nothing about how it is now legal to carry a concealed weapon in a church and a bar in my beloved michigan and now in georgia. In what warped world and Biblical delusion would you need a weapon in church? And what irresponsible 8 yr old thinks allowing a weapon in a place solely meant to consume alcohol is a smart idea?

Not a peep on the $46,000 of tax dollars paid to  witnesses last week by michigan conservatives to testify to the state Supreme court to uphold the ban of same sex marriages. While I don’t choose homosexuality for my lifestyle due to my relationship with Christ….don’t spend my tax dollars (yeah my taxes are being paid there!) To pay laughable religious nuts to testify at a court preceding over an obviously personal decision (kind of like salavation) when there are potholes on michigan roads big enough to lose a caprice classic in!

I’m just frustrated. I can look here (on personal social media) anytime of day to see everything that happened with scandal, being Mary jane, who’s performing where, the latest hot shout track, watch somebody “do it for the vine”, latest vacation pics, my new shoes, the latest “blessing” or THING you got from God……….

And our world, our families, our children’s future, our churches, our cities, our education system are all smoldering in flames and burning before our eyes……but our heads are buried to deep in the sand to smell smoke.

While I lament over hobby lobby arguing today in the supreme court that they can take atheist and Muslim money but force their christian beliefs on their employees health care…..

Just continue with your game invites……candy crush…… it for the vine…….angry Instagrams about your ex…..your customary daily bible verse to appease the pastors wife who friend requested you…….and
the Occasional “post this if you love Jesus/ for republicans/ love the USA/ against Obama/ anti gay/ a part of the true church…..blah blah blah.

It’s ok….we’ll clean up your mess….and we’ll do it in love….why, because that’s what Jesus did for the church members that murdered him…..Just give me a few minutes….for His love to get my frustration in check.

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