Abortion minus the rhetoric


As many of you know, I’m a preacher’s kid. Both sides. Grandparents too. I get this conservative christian deal.

So I get it. I get how we can’t support abortion in our personal lives. Seeing how that is the only life that we will answer to God for. What we do. I personally don’t choose abortion as an option for my life or my family’s. But I would never dictate to others what their choice should be. That’s for God to do and I’m not Him.

I have an interesting question.
Let’s just admit that if we make abortion illegal that it would not stop or stem the tide of abortion. The amount and methods of abortion will simply be unregulated.  So backroom and back alley abortion clinics would become as common place as the boot leg dvd guy that works in every office.

My question is this: if we make abortion illegal….wouldn’t we now have to arrest these women that would sought out now illegal clinics? Wouldn’t we now have to criminalize and send pregnant women to prison if caught before the act? We do if we catch a drug dealer with a large amount of drugs. We do if we catch a woman trying to hire a hit man to kill her husband. Wouldn’t that be the same thing? Would we have to house and make inmates out of taxpaying doctors? (That’s a lot of taxes) are we willing to pay the tax increases necessary to build these prisons? Pick up the slack that these doctors, who won’t be paying taxes anymore, were paying before?

Who is going to adopt all the children we now legally require women to have instead of abort? With the conservative movement cutting entitlement programs at every corner….who is going to adopt these children when Americans can barely feed their own? Who can afford to adopt?

Just need to start the conversation…..I’m not saying who’s wrong or right….but why aren’t these questions asked when the abortion question is brought up. Comment below. Let’s talk about it.


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