The hotel room


This is repost from one of my really good friend’s blog……so honest, profound and transformative; i felt it needed to be shared.

“Tired: (this really happened)

I was in my hotel room in LA last week, drunk, looking at porn on Instagram, just in my complete flesh. I was looking at this one page and out of nowhere, Jesus showed up in the room. He calmly just sat there and wouldn’t move. I found that I couldn’t keep looking at these images with Him sitting there, so I turned off my phone. Then He left me, and I felt something that I never want to feel again. I felt myself in my sin before God the Father- with nothing to hide behind. 

As I sat there trembling, feeling like I was about to die, Jesus came back, and I could feel Him standing between my sin and God. 
While still in my sin, He took me to my computer, had me log on to Facebook, and made me read some of the posts that I had written about Him- then He left me again.

I sat there in my sin, reading my own words of Life that He gave me, written to everyone else, while shame flooded my soul. 
He came back and told me to ask for forgiveness. I did and the shame and guilt left me immediately. The scripture, “there is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus” came into my spirit, and I felt restored with God again. 
He kept going though…

He had me play a song that I wrote called “All”. When it got to the hymn part that says “Jesus, Jesus, oh how I trust Him- I cried out like I never had in my life. Have you ever hollered out past your breath, til you felt your soul pressing? That’s what it was. I worshipped Jesus in that room like I never had before. The lust was gone, the shame and guilt was gone, the sin was Gone.

I said all this to say: Jesus loves you As Is.
He doesn’t care about what you’re doing. He cares about You. He came in the middle of my mess, but because I Know Him, I couldn’t continue in it. Whatever your struggle, when you have Jesus, you will overcome it. Its not easy for me to admit what I admit on here. But I do it because I know where I came from. Im God Made, which means I was dirt when He found me. I give it up for Him, because all that I Am and all I have belongs to Him. We have a relationship. 
That doesnt just mean I relate to Him, but He also relates to me too. And because we know each other, we figure out how to Live together. I learn what His limits are, what He likes/doesnt like, and He lets me Be me, in Him. 

We don’t have to defeat sin. He already did that. We just have to follow Him, repent when we fall, get back up, and keep following, keep listening, keep talking to Him, and keep going…. 
He takes care of the rest.”


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