Why black businesses fail

I know that’s a general sweeping statement and it doesn’t apply to all. I don’t intend to diagnose the systemic problems of our governmental hierarchy.  My intent, as always, is to discuss the issues that no one else seems to want to.

    I am a black man. A business owner. As a consumer of services and goods; I  prefer and tend to avoid using the small black business. I do so for the same reason most people do. Poor business ethics and execution. Now many have and continue to blame “the white man” and “the system” for a strategic long term plan to destroy the structure of black society. I don’t deny there is a plan. I just get sick of hearing people blame a system that they don’t have to be a part of. If you get shot in a neighborhood just passing through….would you complain that you keep getting shot or stop going through the neighborhood?
To complain about a system that we continue participating in willingly is the height of stupidity.

Here’s my question: why is it when I hire a white owned business to install flooring in a rental home….I hire them; they give me a price; they come to work; we discuss if I am unsatisfied with the finished product;  they complete the job to my satisfaction and I pay them.

A black owned business: I hire them; they’re late; they have to hire more employees; they need money upfront to buy supplies or they want an advance; can’t keep their mobile phone in service or can’t be reached; have employees not show up in the middle of the job; I have to draw up the contract because they have none already….I’m relieved if the actual job is finished.

Why is that? Why is it that white clients come to me to hire my company with check in hand but blacks come asking for a “hook up”? Or want to work out some sort of barter? I refuse. And I believe this plague in black culture is why my race is doomed to fail at every level.

Just look at how we assume Obama owes us something. People really honestly critique the quality of the job he’s doing by the benefit he’s provided for the black race! That’s simply preposterous!  He’s not the president of the United states of negros! America people america!

It’s sad to me as I watch children assimilate the warped views of their parents and believe by virtue of their skin color they are owed anything. Destined to fail by desecration of biological association. My race consistently amputates their own legs and rail against the establishment because they cannot stand.

Well, I am marketing mogul and venture capitalist…..sorry bruh, I don’t sell canes or wheelchairs.


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