Holding on to nothing but Air


I’ve given up so many times
Been so close and yet so far
Stuck Living life from behind
Yearning for open road without a car…

pregnant with burning visions to change the world
I struggle to manage
Destined to alter history
But still drowning in the average

Meant to love the girl of my dreams like the creator always intended
But our realities are so far apart the dream seems permanently suspended

Tried and tried to no avail
Knocked back down and I want to bail
And just leave those shattered dreams right where they lay

Do you hear me? Do you see me? The hope I had is almost gone

You say you love me. And you need me. The rope has snapped me to the bone.

As I fall I whisper a last desperate prayer…..

God, please catch me…. there’s nothing left to hold onto but air.


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