This is certainly not a simple question;  it is complex with multiple facets and it takes decades to make it work.  The first two facets are easy and don’t warrant much discussion: You control the schools and the media.  Squeeze people financially and overburden them.  In the 1960’s the men had the fulltime job with a paycheck and the women took care of the home.  In the 1970’s the women got  jobs with paychecks as well.  In the 1980’s saving stopped.

Put Them in Chains

In the 1990’s people took on debt and in the 2000’s they ran out of credit.  They also had their benefits reduced.  In the 1960’s, people in the workplace had free healthcare,  and had 100 percent funded pensions, 10 – 12 paid holidays per year and  could have up to 7 weeks of paid vacation.

Fast forward to today. People have to pay a large percentage of their doomsday preppershealthcare and with Obamacare, many companies are dropping this benefit.  In the 1980’s the 401k’s and IRA’s became available and companies contributed to their employees’ retirement accounts. Now, more companies are dropping their retirement contributions. Paid holidays have dropped to the point where some companies only offer 5 paid holidays a year, and vacations have been reduced in most cases to 4 weeks or less per year.  On average, the American white collar worker takes 14 days/year of vacation.  Japan is the next lowest country in the developed world at 24 days/year.  The story is actually much worse:  the American white collar worker now works, on average, 45 hours a week.  When looking at an entire year, the average worker works an extra 6.5 weeks a year.

The reality for the American white collar worker is that they receive no vacation time and no holiday time.  With high unemployment, people stay at jobs they would normally leave.  They accept reduced benefits and stagnated wages for the steady paycheck.  In the end, you generate apathy through overburden.

Questions you need to think about based upon the above information.
-How much time to people have to look at the larger political picture when they are spending their time at work or trying to hold their family together?

-Who is taking care of their children when people work?

-Who is instilling their moral values on these children?

-How much time do people have to prepare meals?

-What are the health effects of eating pre-processed meals?

-What are the health effects of working too many hours?

-What are the impacts on the family and the development of children?

Splinter society into groups and then pit them against each other.  People naturally identify with groups.  These groups can be based on an ethnicity, gender, religion, political affiliation, nationality, sexual preference, etc…these groupings are very useful when controlling a population.  Fox News routinely states that the problems in the country are caused by the liberals and the Democrats.   MSNBC on the other hand states that the problems in the country are the conservatives and the Republicans.

Take it other step further, black vs white, brown vs black.  How about prepare for pitting the evangelical Christians against the gays and transgendered individuals?  Then there is Women’s rights vs anti-abortionists.  Gun owners pitted against gun controllers.  Obviously this list is a small subset; the point being is that you get groups that think they are right and you pit them against another group that believes they are right and they will expend their energies on each other.  When this happens, they quit watching what is really happening and the politicians can do what they want.

Introduce Pacification Drugs

For me, this subject is a push/pull.  On one hand, I do not believe the government should be involved in the criminalization of drugs.  I believe a free people should be free to do what they want as long as it does not interfere with other people’s lives.  Look at the number of people in prison or have had their lives destroyed by a non-violent felony drug conviction.  These people cannot vote.  They are a financial burden on society when they are in the criminal justice system.  Their ability to contribute to society is also diminished as their job opportunities are decreased because of the conviction.
I also believe the war on drugs was started when the drug cartels refused to give the CIA their cut of the drug money.  Our government is the biggest drug pusher on the planet.  Why was heroin common in the 1960’s?  Because we were in Southeast Asia and the drug was available.  After we left Vietnam, the use of heroin dropped and the drug of choice was cocaine from South America.  When we went to war in Afghanistan, heroin returned to the US.

Personally, I am against people using drugs (except for pain management) because it clouds their vision.  I would like to see our youth angry, with a strong desire to make the country better.  “Wow dude, the government sucks but I am so stoned.  Let’s go get a pizza.”  That just doesn’t work for me.  Legalizing recreational marijuana introduces and normalizes pacification drugs to a large segment of society.

Disarm the Public

We are fortunate that we live in a country where our forefathers had the insight to provide the general population with the ability to remove the government by force if necessary.  This is an incredible power that carries great responsibility; however, it is also the final check and balance on the government’s power.  A government, like any other entity, always strives to remove checks and balances.

“The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the survivalist getting ready for shtfpeople. As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation.”  – Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

Through the years, the government has made numerous attempts to disarm the public. First was the removal of fully automatic weapons because of the alcohol prohibition gang violence. Then there was high capacity magazine and folding stock bans, as well as background checks with the Brady bill.  After Sandy Hook, gun control again failed at the federal level and they took the crusade to the state level.  Several states require universal background checks for all firearm purchases. This amounts to a de facto form of gun registration.  These same states also introduced magazine capacity limitations.

The government is also getting smarter in their approach to gun control.  It is virtually impossible to defend someone owning a gun when they are mentally ill.  Here is the hard part: define mental illness!   A paranoid schizophrenic probably should not have a firearm.  Neither should individuals taking large quantities of psychotropic drugs.  Most of the mass murderers have been users of psychotropic drugs.  But where does it end? (Doomsday Prepper Labeled Nut – Loses His Guns)  Every human has a quirk.  Could the things that make us individuals be defined as a mental disorder?  Could the government expand the psychiatric definitions the remove gun ownership?

Here is another quiet form of gun control:  Most states have enacted laws preventing gun ownership for people convicted of domestic violence.  On the surface, this seems like the right thing to have happen.  People who beat up their spouse are probably violent and not in control of their emotions. However, let’s look at the reality:  A domestic violence kicker is added to any assault charge when the people have a relationship. At first glance, this seems quite reasonable.  The problem is with the definition of “assault”.  The criminal justice system is defining assault as “any unwanted touching”.  People are now losing their second amendment rights without inflicting any harm. Convictions are happening without any evidence other than the word of the ‘victim’.

Monitor the Population

People in the United States are arguably the most monitored people Monitering the US Populationin the planet.  Do you think North Korea has the ability and resources to record every phone call?  Do you think they can record every web page viewed?  Do you think they record every credit card transaction?  Do you think they keep every email or fax? I doubt they have the resources to perform this level of surveillance.  Here is the good old USA: the land of the free, our government does have the resources and uses them to the fullest extent.  What do you think is happening at the NSA data center in Bluffdale, Utah?  That facility is 2 miles long and 1 mile wide and is used primarily as a data storage facility.  Where do you think Google came from?  It was developed by the NSA to mine their googolplex of data.  Why is this data center in Utah?  Mormons have long been considered exceptional Americans by the US Government Spy Agencies.  They usually don’t drink or do drugs and they have strong family valves.  It is hard to turn someone into a spy when they don’t have a vice.

The Supreme Court did not do the citizens of the United States any favors when they ruled that people do not have the expectation of privacy outside of their homes.  This led to surveillance cameras being placed on every corner.  The best example of how these cameras are being used is the murder trial of Aaron Hernandez, the former New England Patriot.  They have camera evidence of Hernandez and two other suspects driving to the victim’s house.  They have additional video evidence of the 3 men and the victim leaving the victims house and driving to the murder scene.  They also have video evidence of three people leaving the murder scene.

The latest smartphones all have GPS technology.  Have you tried to turn this capability off?  You can’t.  It is required by government regulation.  They state that it is for your personal safety in case of an emergency.  How is it really used?  Let’s go back to the Aaron Hernandez case.  The prosecution states that they have the GPS tracking for Aaron Hernandez’s cell phone that matches the video evidence.  Just think: we are now adding drones to the surveillance capability.

Are you aware that banks must provide the Treasury the records for all transactions over $1000.00?  Have you heard of ‘Intellistreets’ from Illuminating Concepts?  They have cameras, speakers and microphones all integrated into street lamps.

Are you aware of the capabilities of the high altitude drones?  Do you realize how few drones it takes to record everything in a city? Did you know that in the early 2000’s the US Army did a pilot study tracking all vehicles in a city of 75000 people?  One city was in the US and another was in Europe.

So, in the land of the free, the government listens to your calls, records your financial transactions, reads your emails, logs your web viewing, tracks you through your phone and watches where you drive.  Can you imagine the smile on Hitler, Mao and Stalin if they were presented with this much data on the citizens?  Look up how they took down General Petraeus.  He and his mistress were not sending emails.  They were sharing an AOL account and saving the emails as drafts.

Label the Enlightened

How many times do you hear someone try to say what is happening only to be called a ‘right wing or left wing conspiracy theorist’?  How many times do you hear people called ‘extremists’?   Look at Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning.  They are called traitors by the main stream media: “They put American lives at risk.”  But they are heroes in my mind.  They are true Americans; they exposed the truth about our government.

What Should You Do?

First and foremost, understand what is happening.  You will become Doomsday Preppersa force once you wake up and start doing your research.  Next, wake up other people.  You and I cannot repair the country alone.  Recognize that revolutions generally don’t end well.  What do you think the people of China and Russia would say about life after their revolutions?  Accept the fact that there is little difference between the Republicans and the Democrats.  They have all prostituted themselves to their large campaign contributors.  Why haven’t the Republicans defunded the NSA?  They like what they are doing.
Work at your local level to stop things like Intellistreets, drones and street cameras.  Write your representatives and senators and tell them to stop the surveillance.

Work a 40 hour week. Take care of your family. Don’t get caught up in the splinter groups. We are all Americans and we need each other.
Don’t take pacification drugs.  Be prepared for the worst.  Don’t worry about being called a survivalist or an independent.  Have food, water, shelter, hygiene, energy and ways to protect yourself.  And never, never, never, give up your right to bear arms.



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