For the christians in the room

I haven’t done this in awhile, so you all are about due no whining.

I’ve about had it with hearing this statement from albeit well meaning but deluded christians: “Don’t be so focused on perfection that you walk right by God’s blessing just it’s not wrapped in the package you’re looking for.”

Uhmmm, when did the second place runner up become “the blessing”? No maam.  No sir. The proper term for that is “settling”. Here, let me put it this way…

I can take the tires from a Honda Accord and put them on my 323. Will my car ride just fine? Sure. Can I drive on them? Absolutely. Will they damage my car? Not at all. Will get from point A to point B everyday without any problems? Without a doubt.
And no one will notice any difference. ..until…you put the pirellis BMW designed for the 323 on my car. Then my 323 no longer is just a mode of transportation…it becomes what it was designed to be….a driving machine. Hugging the curves…nimble….agile. ..agile experience.  Causes you to take the long way home with the hairpin turns just because….
It becomes what it was designed to be.

The same thing applies in relationships. Can a “good” man and a “good” woman have a “good” marriage? Absolutely. Even if they didn’t Initially find desirable or marriage material.  This can happen when two people decide to live by principle and not emotions. It can be a “good” marriage that honors God ; blesses them both and provides a “good” life. And There’s absolutely nothing wrong with “good”. God promised that He would withold no “good” thing from us. He also said all things worketh together for the “good” of them….

God has no problem with giving you “good” if that’s what you want….but some us want better than that.

Some of us want what he said he came for…”life more abundantly”  not just a good life. ( For the theologically challenged, that scripture refers to THIS life and every aspect of your life here on earth. .including your marriage)

Some of want “exceeding and abundantly above all we could ask or think” (that sounds to me like quite a bit better than “good”)

If God won’t BE second place or runner up…why in the world would we believe that He would predestinate us to end up with our second or third choice?

That’s ridiculous. And unGodlike.

This is the ugly truth that christians just can’t swallow or accept:



God always knows what will happen. But it’s often NOT his plan.


Was it His plan for Adam to sin? No.
Was it His plan to flood the earth? No.
Was it His plan for the Holocaust to happen? No.
Ww1? Ww2? Hiroshima? Slavery? No.

His plan was for Adam to obey His instructions and live forever in the garden.

It is His will that none should perish and that all should have everlasting life. But it won’t go down like that.

And the fact is that just because you’re saved doesn’t ensure your relationship is going to have the Hollywood/fairytale ending that we make God responsible for. God doesn’t operate by Hollywood’s rules so why would you expect Him to?

If He can’t make someone choose Him….how in the hell do you think He going to make Mr. Right choose you?

Yeah….let that sit for a minute.

Truth is just because God planned for you two to be together….you BOTH HAVE TO CHOOSE TO FOLLOW THE PLAN. And often times, one person chooses not to because that requires faith….and they have to see it or feel it before they commit. It has to make sense.
And God never operates that way.

So many people choose to pick out bits and pieces of scripture to make their “runner up” feel like they were God’s plan all along. They lie to themselves and each other because they want Hollywood’s version of marriage so badly. A nice neat ending in and half hour.

It’s ok to settle for “good” folks. Many ppl live in a happy marriage for 50+ years with a good man or woman. Nothing wrong with that.

All I ask is stop trying to convince those of us who are born for “abundance”, drenched in “great”, restless with anything but “exceedingly”… make you feel better about being happy with your “good”….by settling for “good” too.

For some of us nothing at all is better than just good
Because good will never be good enough when we know what “exceedingly abundant” looks like.

p.s. “All things worketh together for the good…”
It doesn’t say “for the best”

Stir and let it marinate.


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