A Few Things I’ve Learned Along The Way

· Life is filled with either possibilities or problems. You see what you choose to see. Life seems perplexing and tumultuous on the surface but deep inside where it really matters, life is what you make it. Today, decide to see beyond your problems to the possibilities that await attention.

· Nothing is impossible. In fact the word impossible says I’m Possible.

· Avoid excuses, make progress. Don’t look back and regret take a step forward with enthusiasm. Focus on what you can become and not what you are right now. Believe you can do it.

· Any human who never made a mistake never tried anything new

· Get going, move forward, aim high and plan a takeoff. Don’t just sit on the run-away and high someone to come and push the airplane. It will not happen. Change the altitude to gain the altitude. You will love being up there!!

· Decide early on to accept life unconditionally. Don’t expect life to do anything special for you and yet you will accomplish more than you hoped for. It will happen to you without ever seeking it.

· You would rather be failure in what you love, than success at something you hate

· Character is not developed in ease and quiet but rather through experience of trial. The soul will be strengthened by suffering and that’s when success achieved and ambition inspired.

· Real integrity entails ding the right thing, keeping in mind that no one is going to know whether you did or not.

· Never give up, that is just the moment when the tide will turn.

· Take control of your consistent actions because what we do consistently is what shapes our lives but not what we do in a while.

· Appreciate that not all movement is progress. When tension, chaos and stress surround you, break for a moment and relax. The best time for a deep breath is when there is no time for it.

· Erase all the negativity of the past with a single positive action. Connect and trust today’s possibilities that’s the best way to disconnect from a negative past. Once you embrace the now power, a bright future belongs to you.

· Everything in life comes to an end at some point. Always acknowledge and accept the end of a season. Walk away sensibly at the end on era. In every end, there’s also a beginning.

· Your inner peace is within you, your inner peace should not be determined by what is surrounding you, it is always there, turn you attention to it.

Blog  =            

Life lessons I can share = more than I wanted to pay

How my life changed = priceless                          

Let it marinate folks…..


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