The dichotomy of the pitter patter


My friends, this,won’t be a long post…even though you are by now well aware of my preponderance to ramble. I will muster the will power to resist.
   We’re going to get back to the premise this blog was founded on. My journey. (Just for a brief minute then we,will return to our regularly scheduled programming)

   We often find ourselves,throughout our life experiences, in the throes of the beautiful sonnet of new love. It is the most intoxicating of all experiences. It consumes us when we need to escape the struggle within. It makes the skies bluer…the trees greener….the birds sing louder…


   Love is like the Claritin commercial with the before and after images. Love makes you sharper…everything you see and hear easier to attune to. You’re nimble and quick…….yet dreamy and floating.

At least during the honey moon period
      Then, as we all are so often acquainted with, the honeymoon abruptly ends. Without warning, you are standing emotionally stark naked in the mist unflattering fluorescent lighting….no candles, soft jazz, lingerie or six pack abs.
Then the work starts….and this is where most people bail. They generally cite the oft times quoted cliché,

you’re just not the same person I started dating.”

“You’ve changed. The relationship just isn’t the same.”

Then we began the arduous process of discovering whether we love each other or just love what we can do to each other.
We start the process of tending to the flame of passion. The commitment to reigniting the flame when it goes out. The commitment to compromise. Sounds quite a bit different than the beginning of this journey, doesn’t it?

Well I’ve come to give you all hope and ignite some dreams…..

I know I am probably the most unlikely source you would ever expect this from but I have a bit of news to share.

It doesn’t have to be that way
….neither was it meant to be….

I KNOW! I KNOW! You’re all dropped everything you were holding and are furiously re-reading the previous statement to see if you read correctly.
Well you did!

Believe it or not…the president (and also a client) of the “He Man Woman Haters Club” is going to spread a bit of hope to those that are in the purgatory of realistic expectation and romantic wanderlust.

The actual “struggle” that we experience often times, in making a relationship work is really a quite simple algebraic equation to solve. It goes something like this:

  You meet them. You see them. Your heart is aflutter with every word. Every song is about them. Every movie. You daydream about the future. You love the butterflies. The anticipation. But you’re nervous because you’ve seen this movie before….and you haven’t ever liked the ending. But something inside has you so certain that this one
….this time……it’s different somehow…

It just fits….it’s so easy….you’re waiting for the other shoe to fall….so you’re guarded as much as you can be….but unwillingly almost…your walls just crumble and you don’t know why you should care that they are.
  It’s simple….the pitter patter of your heart that is so commonplace in the beginning of any new relationship beat at your own rhythm. When its right…your rhythm matches their rhythm
  What has often been your pitter patter alone…..has finally become our pitter patter.
The “we” youve struggled to have is now a natural state of existence. The individualism you’ve felt guilty in maintaining is now encouraged.
Because you breathe the same air….
And hearts flutter at the same rhythm.

And that my friends is the dichotomy of the pitter patter. It always exists in the honeymoon phase. But when your soul has met its Creator designed mate….

>The pitter patter of new love becomes the drumbeat of a couple’s devotion to each other and forever. (ping)

Let it marinate my friends.



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