Quiet Desperation

Warning…..no proof reading has been done here. I’m writing, tagging and publishing. Read at your own risk.

We live, quite frankly, in a world that is consumed with consuming at every opportunity. Gone are the days of replacing what you’ve taken. From the earth, from your resources, from your relationships, from our leaders or protectors.
We ravage the earth and consume at alarming rates our supply of fossil fuels as if they are endless. We spend our earnings with no thought of how to sustain ourselves once we are no longer trading time for dollars. We hold CEOs, entertainers, athletes, pop stars, actors, political officials to a standard we ourselves could never live up to. We expect them to “dance” and perform at will accordingly to our whismy and once we’ve used them up…..we discard them.
We all become alarmingly patriotic on Veterans Day and Labor Day but balk at the increase in taxes to better serve our veterans.
We condemn ExxonMobil for their greediness but are too busy to recycle or trade in our SUVs for more environmentally friendly transportation.
We are appalled at the ravaging of the rainforest but must have the IPhone6 that is made from those materials.

Save the planet….but only after I get what I want with no sacrifice on my part.

We need a new government….but only if they make my life better….not hold me responsible

We need better laws…only if they benefit me and not cost me anything.

I want a better marriage….but only if THEY change…

Why is it we want the world at our fingertips but we don’t want to take responsibility for owning it?

We drop the responsibility of our erroneous spending and accumulated debt at God’s feet begging for a financial miracle. We drop our disastrous relationships at the feet of the other party or God’s plan. “It didn’t work out because it wasn’t God’s plan”. I call BS in most cases. It’s often because we either ended up with someone we shouldn’t have been with in the first place or didn’t take care of the relationship like we shouldve.
     Why do we believe that if we find the right person that the health of the relationship takes absolutely no effort on our part? They must be shown love. Just like you want love shown to you.
    Why do we think if our country is in the negative on our national financial sheet (National deficit) and we don’t think that we individually have to tighten our belts?
Spend on military billions but cut social security? Starve to elderly so we won’t have to protect them? Is that what we’re doing?

Bringing it home, why are we waiting for a big break….handout from the government…to start our business….a price break from your supplier…..someone to invest in our idea with no risk from us…..”I’ve got kids and a spouse to support” excuse…. (yeah, that’s an excuse..if they won’t support you, why should we?)? Why? Help me out people.
Everything you need to start the business you’ve been dreaming of….everything you need to launch your idea…..you already have in you. It’s not in the bank….A T.D.Jakes book….On Steve Harvey….or the OWN network…..Iyanla VanZant “Fix My Life”…..people, fix your OWNLIFE!

We lead lives of quiet desperation because we’ve silently bought into the idea that “success is for them” not for us. We spout these cop out rhetoric doctrines about learning to be content with struggling to survive. Not just financially…relationally. parenthood is a struggle. Marriage is a struggle. Corporate ladder is a struggle.  Financial security is a myth. Love is hard
All lies. But we buy into. Why?

Because if we admit that these aren’t a struggle then we would have to admit we are doing something wrong and would be responsible for changing ourselves.

And that my friends….unfortunately….
Is not the American way. The American way is blame others and wait for someone else to do it.

That’s why our lives are the way they are. Our marriages are the way they are.
Our society is the way it is
Our culture is the way it is
Our youth are the way they are.
Our country is the way it is.

The choice and consequences are yours

Live out loud in prosperity and abundance
(Not just financially but in EVERY area)


Live in quiet desperation
Because it’s all someone else’s fault.

You choose

Let that marinate folks.


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