Talent will get you in the room of opportunity. But only character will keep you seated at the table.” – Ron Carpenter

Bombshell for the day: We will never have any more of anything than our character can maintain.

Want a better Relationship? Dont work on them. Work on your character.

Better job? Leave your resume alone and develop better character at your current place of employment.

Want wealth? Increasing the depths of your character increases your wallet. You’re paid for what you do when no one is looking.

Better friendships? Have the character of the kind of friend you’d want and those of like character will find you. Beware, you must let go of your current ones.

Want to lead companies, countries, organizations?
Your experience and/or skills do not make you a person worth following….your character does. Your group, business, organization or client base will be forever limited by content of your character.

Want to climb the ladder of success? Increase your character. People are never pulled to success by an outstretched arm of a successful person giving them a break. Successful people are pushed to success by those who have bought into their vision because that persons character and how it has affected their lives.
“From the neck down everyone is worth about $10 an hour. From the neck up, you’re priceless. ”

Character is what you do when no one’s looking.
Reputation is what others think of what you do when everyone’s looking. The former is the only one you can control.

Let it marinate, folks


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