I’m going to apologize now…..

Most often, my posts are relatively well thought out and planned. I gather the pertinent information I choose to diseminate and attempt to write clearly and with a modest amount of eloquence.
This is my goal…whether I achieve it or not is for my treasured readers to decide.

I say these things because today will not be one of eloquent preparation. No proof reading. I need to spill my heart. I pray you read with grave and not with judgement.

Sometimes, in an effort to stay the course, persevere in spite of of….it gets lonely. I am “that guy”. I’m the guy so many come to for wisdom…or to vent…for help….that see where they are headed and not where they are.  I have spent the better part of the last ten years looking for that someone to sow into me. I know how incredibly selfish that sounds but I’m being momentarily transparent with you guys. Sometimes, instead of me being the one to send to text, call or email….I’d like someone to take it upon themselves to see greatness in my future and commit to seeing that greatness become a reality.
   If I could ask presidents, leaders and
CEOs one question, it would be where do they vent…how do they process…how do they move past the disappointment of partnerships gone bad…..are those emotions ignored? Do they treat all relationships as business transactions? Deal with all interactions the same by the same principles but never allowing emotions to play a role? How does that work? How do you take a great business model that only has flaws with its execution….and be the visionary of change in the company that is built on producing carbon copies? Do you fight the assimilation to “drink the Kool aid” or follow my heart and prove that business can be done right and respectfully with room enough for different people and personalities……to be celebrated….not assimilated.
    The issue is: where does a young up and coming venture capitalist go to have that conversation. I haven’t “stepped on enough people” to make the billions necessary to get me into the room with the Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, or the Brian Traceys of the world…and quite frankly, I never will. Stepping on people isn’t my style….even though that’s often the part of the success equation that’s never discussed.
I believe it can be done without it
I believe that you can build a financial and societal legacy without beating people into conformity or using your influence with others to mooch from them.  I believe you can be honest, upfront,  straightforward, informing others of all of the risk and rewards of doing business with you. I believe in honest valuations.

Am I the only one that believes honest, open straightforward business dealings is a possible way of building a viable company that stands the test of time?

Personally, I am quickly discovering that the people you thought would understand your vision are often the ones that are first in line to kill your dream. If you haven’t discovered this yet….find something to work toward passionately and share it with close friends,  coworkers, family……

The higher or more driven you are by your dream…..the lonelier the journey to get there. I’ve always known most of america will never grasp how it actually is supposed to work. I know that most christians will continue in a sliver of knowledge with no clue how blind they are.
    But is it wrong for a guy with his heart in the,right place….to want someone that’s been on this road to share a little knowledge, time and heart? It’s lonely out here. But I can’t quit. I never will. No matter if I’m the only one that believes in me.

Just wondering folks. Thanks for listening.


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