The Winter of My Success

You often hear the rags to riches stories of a John Paul DeJoria


(now worth a reported 4 billion dollars); who started Paul Mitchell products from a mere $700 or a Barbara Corcoran,


who built a multi-million dollar real estate empire from a $2000 loan. We tend celebrate and revel in their “now” with no appreciation for their “then”.

I consistently study the habits of successful people. Reading…well virtually inhaling….as much information as I can digest in an effort to immulate their pathway to success. In this quest to assimilate the behaviors of the obviously successful; I must admit, there is often precious little information found about what successful people actually said to themselves everyday or did everyday while they were in the “winter of their success story”.
    There are libraries of information on the persistence they exhibited in the face of adversity. Piles of self help books to proclaim the enormity of the obstacles they’ve overcome. It amazes me how often I’ve read or hear about the

year spent living in a car….

The 900 sq ft home….

The menial blue collar job….

The financial hardship…..

The struggle to “keep the dream alive”….

What is often not shared in these feel good stories is the not so pretty parts.


Example: Thomas Edison, being interviewed by a young man in 1883, was asked about his 10,000 attempts to create the light bulb. To which Edison vigorously exclaimed, “Young man, I have not failed! I have only found 10,000 ways my invention  will not work!

Inspirational words aren’t they? Yes I know. But what we that are in the Winter of our Success Story (yes, I know…sounds like a book title) REALLY want to know is

What did Edison say to himself to cause him to continue after attempt 5678….to go on to 5679…and 5680?

what conclusion did John Paul DeJoria  come to that prompted him to continue after being fired from 4 companies simply because he didn’t socialize after hours with other management? After his pursuit to succeed cost him his marriage?

What does those conversations sound like?

“Honey, I know I’ve been at this for five years and haven’t seen success but I can’t give up even though it’s financially draining.”

“You’ve got 6 months to make it work or I’m leaving….”

That’s my point. That’s the story that never gets told. We hear the inspirational “Rudy
made for TV movie version.


But never the grit.

  That’s my personal promise. When its my turn. When my assets exceed what I can give away….I will tell the truth…not the glamourized version….but the dirty laundry with the “skid marks” still there.

Because truth be told, no one wants to hear how much money Tyler Perry


makes now or that he slept in his car for a year.
Impress me with what did you say to yourself to keep you from giving in and falling in line….finding a regular job….and killing your dream in exchange for an “average life” in the face of daily rejection year after year?

All of us are not suckered by the hype…
The feel good story
Emotional tear jerker
The Blind Side story revisited…

Some of us are still waiting for some honesty about what REALLY happened when you, your family or your spouse were giving up and quit a thousand times…..

That’s what we want to know….

And we’ll wait…..

Let that marinate folks.




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