43 years and I still have no answers to these questions

I promise to let this vein of discussion go, my friends….after I unload this that has been on my mind for some time now. Let’s jump in. In order to keep with my efforts to be constructive and not simply critical…I will pose my ponderings in question form for this post.

To my fellow charasmatic Christian believers:

Why is the bulk of gospel music about surviving an enemy when the only noteworthy enemy to our destiny is within?

Why are we so appalled when a pastor is “caught” in sin but so forgiving to the maintenance guy who still struggles with drug addiction?

Why is homosexuality such a HUGE sin and warrants such a vigorous response but lying isnt? (Check your outgoing vm message…we won’t get back to then as soon as possible. We’ll get back to them when we feel like it)

If the devil’s fate is sealed, why do we spend so much time preaching about how to defeat someone who has already lost?
And spend precious little time discussing the only real enemy we have….ourselves?

Why do you have to yell at me for me to hear what you are preaching about?

I have my neighbors phone number. Can I talk to them after church instead of every 10 mins during your service because you keep asking me to?

(Now I’m going to tick some folks off)

Why is it that the YouTube videos of preachers telling homosexuals that they are going to hell; that the church has gas in the pulpit and choir stands; that we (christians) are SUPPOSED TO be different than the secular world; that Christian music sounds just like secular music just with different words……why do those videos go viral?

What is our incessant need to separate ourselves from the ones we are charged with to help?

FYI: an apple tree is not identified as an apple tree because it is surrounded by other apple trees or because it is planted in an apple orchard. Or because it tells everyone that comes by its an apple tree.
It’s only an apple tree because it bears apple fruit.

Why is it so important for us to look and live differently but not important for us to love differently?

Why do we focus on looking and living like the church but are completely comfortable with loving everyone just like the “world” we so desperately want to be seen as being separated from? (Seen by who?)

Why are we so excited when someone gets healed? Isn’t that what is supposed to happen?

Why are we always asking for prayer when we are plainly instructed to speak to the mountain and say be thou removed?

Why do we say that we fast to “put our body under subjection” but we’re obese and never exercise? Would we need to fast if we kept our bodies under subjection and out of the line at Popeyes, Golden Corral and Krispy Kreme? (Tip: don’t join the fast….join a gym)

(OK I’m going there….just warning you)

If sin is sin and homosexuality and gluttony are both listed as such…..Aren’t fat heterosexuals going to the same hell as fit homosexuals? And why don’t I ever hear that preached? Aren’t both a matter of self control?

If God has everything, created everything, owns everything and controls everything…..and we are his children….why then are we always preaching, singing, talking and testifying about a test or a trial or a struggle? Why are we always battling something when He’s already won everything? We’re always broke, always need a miracle, we don’t own anything, always fighting something or somebody, always need a Word, always need someone to pray for us and can’t pay full price for anything?

(and this one is bound to get me in trouble)

Why do we believe that a God who created 9.7 billion different DNA combinations and fingerprints just on earth RIGHT NOW….Put more different stars in the sky than we could ever identify….created a living human body and brain that we haven’t figured out in over 2000 years…..

Could only get everyone to heaven and save them the ONE way we have managed to understand?

Just asking….

Let it marinate folks….


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