Everyday, I get more fuel….

I am currently reading, again, what I believe is the most life altering book ever written. But it’s not the book I want to chat about in this short post. It’s fuel I want to discuss.

Most people have a dream. Most people have given up on their dreams and have accepted what the world has told them is their lot. Play the hand you’re dealt. That’s what we’re told. Well I don’t believe that. I believe I can own the whole deck…the table…all the chips…the casino and Whole town of Las Vegas if I choose….and build whatever hand I choose.

  I have discovered and in the process of discovering that most of the people I assumed were in my cheering section are actually not. That’s not what I want to focus on either. What’s important is the anger that I feel by the niceness faked instead of honesty…..I have learned what to do with.
Here’s the secret:
Convert it into determination and fuel to succeed.

I will succeed to such heights that I can no longer be
I will no longer be
A Secret
Blown off

I will surpass everyone who has ever attempted or thought about starting a business like mine.

I will do it
than it has ever been done before.
And all while they helplessly watch
Much to their dismay…..

I will not be stopped….I will not quit….
I will work tirelessly and endlessly….

To make them all liars…..and to prove that their opinions and doubts play no role in my future…..

Then you will be forced to forward my vacation pics….with my family.

Be warned…..
I won’t quit until I win.

Not now…
Not ever…

While you sleep….I’m working….
The question is not if it’ll happen
Only when.

I’m taking back everything that was taken from me…..with or without perrmission.

And that my friends is how you turn your enemy’s hate into fuel.

Learn it. Use it. Let it build a,white hot flame of desire to win in your belly…


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