Are You Fiscally Attractive


When it comes to being successful in love, you may want to spend a little less time building up muscle and more time paying down debt. According to the “It Takes Two” survey by my colleagues at Citi Double Cash, more Americans prefer someone who is fiscally attractive over one who is physically attractive.
So what can you do to bulk up your bottom line, trim the financial fat in your budget and increase your “fiscal” appeal for all Valentine’s Days to come? Here is a get-fit financial regimen, based on my admittedly very unscientific survey of family and friends with whom I discussed the results:
· Live within your cash means.
· Maintain an emergency fund.
· Pay bills on time.
· Have monthly saving goal.
· Set a gift-giving budget.
· Sock away money for retirement.
· Shop wisely—and leverage coupons and discounts when you can.
· Meet monthly with your money.
· Keep your credit card debt in check and stay on top of your credit score.
(Full disclosure: I lead social media for Citi’s global consumer business and was involved in planning the aforementioned survey.)


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