Illuminating moisturizer

another amazing testimony of our amazing skincare line!


“This is kind of an uncomfortable message for me to send, but I have to share this personal testimony with the Ideal Radiance Illuminating Moisture Cream. I’ve been using it for 5-days & I’ve been using the Illuminating Essence for about 3-months.

Today at 1:30 pm I went for a long training run in the mountains.. It was super windy and actually way warmer then it’s been.. All typical signs that my face is going to be noticeably beet red and dry when I was done.

Well.. This morning (at ~5am) I did my normal skin routine, Artistry Essentials face wash & toner; Illuminating Essence and then newly added Illuminating Moisturizer, plus a little pressed powder & of course a touch of mascara.

I trained 3 clients (semi-active) and met a friend for lunch before running & didn’t do anything else to my skin.

Normally when I run or lift or do anything physical, I sweat a lot and my face gets super super red (especially running).

Today, when I finished my 90-min outdoor run, my skin was still soft and felt like I had just done my skincare regime (never has that happened before!!) Also, my skin wasn’t as red as normal.. Like it was barely red at all…

Ok, so for real, when I went out on my run today, I wasn’t trying to create an Artistry testimony… Truthfully I was  just trying to fit my run in & have enough time to do everything else for the day.  And also I really hadn’t researched the moisturizer at all, I just ordered it based on my experience with the illuminating essence product..
So even more real, I read on that the Ideal Radiance Moisturizer “softens & soothes skin while helping to diminish visible permentation.” Not that I would ever say it that way, but that’s exactly what happened!!! And I’ve only been using it 5 days.

So had to pass along.
Also included a post run pic (the uncomfortable part of this message!) so you can see the non-redness…. Never have I ever not been super red after any intense workout, especially an outdoor run.”



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