A Lustful guy’s perspective on why leggings doesn’t cause guys to lust.

I found this article by Jordan Kranda so logically written and matter-of-fact, i felt it needed to be shared. As many of you who follow my blog know I hold true to the belief that “it is impossible to lust after anything that belongs to you.” Therefore, I must preface this article by stating, as I did in the post “The Truth about Lust and Coveting” https://gapimpletonblog.wordpress.com/?s=lust+and+coveting , I BELIEVE this post applies to those who are struggling with leggings or yoga pants worn by someone other than their wives. (I’m paying Mr. Yoga pants kids way through college because I thank the Lord everytime my wife puts on a pair!) PING!
Read the article and PLEASE comment below and share your thoughts on the legging debate.

By Jordan Kranda

Over the past couple of months, the topic of leggings has become a hot topic.

This whole discussion was sparked through a post entitled, “Why I Chose To No Longer Wear Leggings”. A Christian women named Veronica Partridge wrote about how she felt convicted about wearing leggings. Through prayer and wise counsel, she decided to no longer wear leggings in public, since they caused, in her words, “a stronger attraction for a man to look at a woman’s body and may cause them to think lustful thoughts”.

After reading her blog, I was really impressed by this women, since she approached this topic through prayer and wise counsel, which is a great model for all believers in Christ.

Her post went viral and soon many people were reading and examining her words. This also caused many more people to inject their own words into the discussion.

Many Christians came out and said that all Christian women should not wear leggings.

However, this is a ridiculous statement.

Leggings don’t cause men to lust. Men cause themselves to lust.

A thin material of clothing doesn’t cause me to lust. I make the conscious decision to lust.

If a guy says leggings cause him to lust, he should stop blaming women for his own actions and take ownership for his actions.

To be honest, lust is the main sin I find battle in my life. I haven’t had sex and I don’t intend to have sex until my wedding night. However, that doesn’t mean lust isn’t an issue for me. I’m learned how to manage lust, but I still struggle with lust.

When I see a pretty girl wearing barely any clothing in public, my first reaction is that I’m all about it.

You know those Carl’s Jr. commercial’s that you feel objectify women? Well, they’re the most memorable commercials to me. And a major moment in my life was when I first saw Paris Hilton’s Carl’s Jr commercial back in the day.

So, as a guy who struggles with lust, let me be clear, leggings don’t cause men to lust. Men cause themselves to lust.

I make the active decision to lust. I’m dumb enough to not hate Carl’s Jr. commercials, but I’m also smart enough to own up to my responsibilities. The fault lies with me, not with what any girl wears.

A girl could wear a Halloween costume of Kermit the Frog, and I would still find a way to lust after her.

Lust existed before leggings and lust will exist after leggings.

Leggings aren’t the problem.

What should girls do?

Each girl should prayerfully think over whether they should wear leggings or not and also seek wise counsel with family, friends, and even whomever you might be dating.

I would also motivate girls to consider why they’re wearing leggings. I know some girls wear clothing to get a man’s attention. They get their self-worth from the attention they get. An Instagram “like” shouldn’t determine how beautiful you feel on a particular day.

Girls, you’re beautiful, regardless of whether the guys around you can notice it.

Don’t base your self-worth on the opinions of guys.

Your self-worth comes from being a Daughter of God.

If, after prayer, wise counsel, and considering why you’re wearing leggings, you find that your conscience is clear before God about wearing leggings, then wear them. It’s really that simple.

In conclusion, leggings aren’t the problem. The problems with the guy lusting after a guy, not with the leggings he is lusting over.

Guys, own up to your sin and stop blaming girls for your mistakes. Girls should dress appropriately, but, even if they don’t, we’re still fully responsible for our actions. We can always look away.

Girls, don’t wear leggings to get a guy’s attention, but also don’t stop wearing leggings just because your pastor says to stop. Instead, prayer over it, talk with wise people about it, and consider your motivations for why you’re wearing them.


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