The diminutive stature of a Great Leader


A Great Leader is a description that is oft times indiscriminately tossed around similar to a Twitter hashtag, these days. Rarely is a true description given to pattern one’s self after. I choose today to share the attributes and wisdom that has been shared with me through observation of and conversations with great leaders.

The great leaders leads from the rear. A humility so strong that it makes the impossible possible….the improbable certain.
A light that’s so dim it’s luminescent
Their footsteps so quiet
They’re thunderous
And they’re presence is so unknown
It is illustrious
Great leaders make their own decisions
They fill their days with positive habits
And repeatedly complete them….
Day in and day out.
They combine their hearts and their minds
To create a blinding passion of servitude
That attracts and creates others with the same burning passion
They dig out their passion and build greater people of that passion.
A leader cannot lead until they learn to  serve
They cannot serve until they learn to work
They cannot work until they can see their own potential
They cannot see their own potential without belief
A great leader  believes in his/her own self.
Believes in their vision

And every great leader has become fully aware that those who make the biggest difference on the landscape of humanity are those who have mustered the courage to make the hardest decisions.

For a leader….a great leader can not make a difference before first making a decision.

Let it marinate folks….


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