How to make a million dollars a year by serving others

I simply HAD to share this…’s too ridiculously good not to….
This is not mine….this is Bob Proctor’s, one of the most sought after lecturers in the world. And I know most people will not take the time to research him to find this infomation so I’m going to share it with you. This is what he said:

You take a million. That’s 1 with 6 zeros. Most people believe that’s a lot. I believe that’s a lot. Now you can choke on it or break it down to it lowest common denominator. So I’ll divide it by 12. 12 months in a year. Most people cannot think of time and money at the same time so we’re just going to think about money. 1 million divided by 12 is $83,333 a month. That’s still a lot to make a month. Easier to digest but you have to do it 12 times. If I divide that by 4.3, the average number of weeks in a month….that comes to $19,379.85 a week. And since I only work Monday through Wednesday, we will divide that by two which leaves $9689.93.

Ok let’s divide that by…..oh lets say 86….which leaves us $112.67.

That’s a manageable number. $112.67

So, let’s say I showed you a way to make $1112.67 twice a week….would you give me the $112.67 and keep the $1000?

Most people still following would say yes! Everytime I make $1112.67….I pay you $112.67? Yes I would.

To make a million dollars a year…all you need to do is find a way to show 85  other people how to make $1112.67 a week and have them pay you $112.67 and you have a million dollars residual income!

I could never have made it any simpler than Bob Proctor just did.

If we are not wealthy it’s because we choose not to help others be financially independent. PERIOD.


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