Know your WHY

Know your WHY [ HD ] ft. Eric Thomas:

Your “why” will not drive you to reach your potential if it involves something that directly affects you. I’m sorry but it can’t be “making money” to have a,better life for you and your family. Won’t be enough motivation. You’ve already proven that you can ignore their needs and only do what makes sense for you.
Your own future….nope
Travel, leisure, security…none of it

Your why has to be deeply rooted in something that does not personally benefit you and serves others in a way that changes their lives…whether they ever say thank you or not….whether you recieve credit or not…..

When you find that thing… it….do it well….obsess about it…..immerse yourself in it. It is the very core of who you are.
It is in that thing that all of the fulfillment you seek….the wealth you desire….abound the life you will love…..are all found.

Anything less is a lie.

Watch the video above from my mentor Eric Thomas and

Let it marinate folks….


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